10 Body Changes That Lets You Know You Are Aging

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The fear of ageing is a general experience people feel as they grow older. Let’s not forget that the body undergoes changes that are beyond our control, and this reveals some hidden features in our body. Doctors advised that we should be aware of these changes and how they affect us.

We should also be mindful of the changes that suit the ones we should be prepared for and us. I agree with the experts, and I’ve prepared a list of likely events that may happen as you age.

Here are ten body changes that reveal your age and ways to control the ageing process;

10. Less sensitive teeth

The human teeth become less sensitive to cold and hot food as time passes. As simple as this may sound, it is actually a dangerous thing, because, in reality, it may result in new problems.

Teeth nerves shrink as one age, according to the ADA (American Dental Association), which can cause a lack of sensitivity in the teeth. When this starts happening, it becomes difficult to feel for dental issues and cavities.

9. Bigger nose

The human body, on average, stops growing when we reach 18. However, some part of the body, such as the nose, don’t stop growing throughout a person’s lifetime. This is caused by the changes to the muscles, cartilage, and soft tissues that form the nose.

Unlike bones, cartilage doesn’t stop growing. The growth process speeds up when we hit 50 and continues at that pace until we hit 60 years old. What’s more? The tip of the nose also droops as one age.

8. Smaller hips

Loss of cell fluid causes visible changes in how the body looks when one starts ageing. In women, their thin waists and wide hips grow into a wider waist and narrow hips. Testosterone level drop affects fat distribution in men. It also affects their hip circumference causing a decrease as they age.

7. Shorter eyelashes

Poor eyelid care, allergies, and thyroid issues are considered the most common factors that can affect the thickness and length of eyelashes. They automatically change as one gets older. According to research, 44% of men and women recognise the changes in their eyelashes. They gave accounts of growing shorter and thinner eyelashes over the years.

6. Increased libido

Hormonal background becomes less and less stable as one experiences menopause. Scientists say that it is trick nature uses to let women increase their chances of conceiving.

Psychologists suggest that women enter a phase of sexual liberation. This is because they are done with bearing children and they’ve attained a balance in their life and are independent as well.

5. Bigger feet

Orthopedists have reported that our feet grow flattered, this, making it longer and wider. This is because our tendons and ligaments become weak as we age. This is why people go for bigger shoe sizes than they are used to some years before.

4. Freckle-less skin

People with red hair and skin tones generally have freckles. They are very visible in childhood and youth. As one age, these freckles fade out partially or entirely even.

3. Fingerprints change

For years, criminologists all over the world believed that fingerprints do not change. However, in 2015, scientists carried out a significant experiment. They studied the fingerprint of over 15,000 people and found out that not only physical traumas but people’s age, can cause changes in the papillary lines.

2. Colour perception changes

As time passes, people face colour perception problems. Foreign scientists have done research and studied about 900 individuals between the ages of 58-102 years. It was discovered that the changes in the eye due to age creates a yellow filter effect. This change prevents us from differentiating between colours like green and yellow or blue and purple.

1. Taste of food changes

As we age, the renewal of the tastes buds on our tongue slows down dramatically. Experts say that this influences the taste of the food we eat. This is why, as a youth, some products taste bad in our mouth but tastes better when we get older. For women, their food preference changes once they reach 50 years old and for men, 60.

What physical changes have you noticed about your body? Were you aware these changes are a result of ageing before now? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

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