10 Relationship Problems You Might Be Experiencing

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Dear partners, let’s talk. How is your relationship with your spouse going? Is it going tremendous or are you beginning to hit some snags along the way? New links are pretty much very amazing. They make you feel on top of the world.

However, along with the line, maybe a couple of months down the line, you begin to feel specific problems trying to sabotage your relationship, and you probably don’t know how to deal with it.

Don’t over-stress yourself. Here are some reasons we have identified as problems of either a relationship or marriage.

These are significant problems that a marriage or relationship undergoes at one time or another. For some, it might even be two or three of these problems at once while for others, it may just be one problem at a time.

1. Pride

Most times, one of the critical problems in a relationship is pride. Even the good book states one or two facts about pride. When one partner refuses to admit the fact that he/she is wrong or that he/she made a mistake, it can be a huge problem.

Most times, it happens among the male folk. Due to their egos, it can sometimes be difficult for them to accept that they made a mistake. However, this situation can be remedied when the person at fault can own up to his/her mistakes.

2. Money

This is another very critical and dangerous factor. It must be handled with utmost care. Research has it that money has been one of the top reasons why couples have gone through a divorce.

If a partner is untrustworthy and unscrupulous, it will be difficult for the other partner to trust the other with money.

3. Infidelity

This is one of the toughest problems that one can encounter in a relationship. It is difficult to get past this stage as almost everything will go to shambles if this comes up in marriage.

An unfaithful will kill either the marriage or relationship. Infidelity breeds lack trust, and there is a saying that goes thus: without faith, a relationship/marriage is dead.

4. Overfamiliarity and disrespect

Are you surprised about the mention of overfamiliarity? Yes, don’t be. Being too over familiar with your spouse will cost you the marriage or relationship. While it is good to know your spouse very well, it becomes disastrous if you let it enter into your head and misuse it.

Overfamiliarity usually leads to disrespect. This occurs when you suddenly feel since you know your spouse, you will become obnoxious about it, and then you begin to dishonour and disrespect your spouse.

So if you are the type who already had started developing the habit of disrespecting your partner, calling him/her names, always belittling him or her, you often threaten to leave the relationship, or you use insulting languages towards your spouse, then don’t be so surprised when your relationship or marriage hits the rocks.

5. Friends who are of the opposite sex

If you know you have a partner who is healthily jealous and quite protective of you, then don’t go having friends who you can’t introduce to him/her. If you are the type of person that loves keeping friendships with the opposite sex, then it is only ideal that you introduce your friends to your partner.

Let them get to know each other at least a little that saves you a lot of troubles. You can also discuss with your partner about keeping boundaries that are appropriate enough. A good partner understands the meaning of friendship and how important it is to you. He/she won’t also ask you to give up your friendship most especially those who have been for a long time.

6. Malice and resentments:

Holding a grudge or holding onto anger, pain, or hurt in your heart will keep hurting you and your partner as well as your relationship and marriage. Keeping all that in your heart will create no room for love to grow.

Hence, if you don’t want your relationship to hit the rocks, you must lose all the hurt, pain and anger you may be feeling towards your partner.

7. Lies and unfulfilled promises

It is very difficult to believe a lying partner or a partner with several broken and unfulfilled promises. Hence, once you have been caught in a lie, things tend to change, sadly not for the better but, the worse.

If you are too scared of getting in trouble, then don’t. Tell the truth, show your partner that they can trust you. Don’t go about making promises that you can’t fulfil. It is a very serious problem that can lead to the death of that relationship or marriage.

8. Being mean and selfish

If you are the kind of partner that must punish his or her spouse when you don’t get your way in some specific conditions and circumstances, then you might be the downfall of your relationship.

If you both are in the habit of always giving each other the silent treatment anytime there is a misunderstanding, or you are still so selfish not to see from the other person’s point of view, then that relationship may just be heading for the rocks.

9. Laziness

Any good thing needs hard work to keep it going, and that also includes a relationship. You must at least put in efforts. It gets tougher most especially for couples in a long distance relationship.

Both parties need to put in work, time, energy, commitments and efforts to ensure that the relationship goes on smoothly. If you are in a new relationship, it is always better you and your partner know what you are up against.

10. Lack of communication

This begins to occur when both parties feel they don’t need to put in any work at all. Without connection, no marriage or relationship will succeed. Once the communication line is broken, it often is tough for both parties to come into agreement.

This will always lead to fights, problems, and eventually death of that relationship. You can think of communication as the nourishment needed for that relationship or marriage to thrive.

Ensure that no matter what you don’t break communication, else it will become a very difficult thing to retrieve most especially if the communication line is already dead.

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