10 Super Cool Features You Need to Know About Your Mobile Phone

Brace up yourself you are about to discover hidden features you never knew existed- Smartphones are basically everything these days. Your smartphone allows you to save any information you need and also multitask without any fuss.

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Even though we are “experienced Smartphones users, it is impossible to know all the tricks and hacks, do not hit yourself; Smartphones is getting more and more advanced every time. Just when you think you know everything about your smartphone, another smartphone with a lot of useful features pops up in the market. So, that is why this article is here you maximize your android and iOS users.

Your smartphone can block annoying ads

You know that moment when you seriously need to pass the game level and boom! Out of nowhere comes this annoying advert, disrupting your game flow and you are likely to fail the game task. What if I tell you your smartphones can block ads completely by a few clicks instead of closing them one after the other? Simply turn on the airplane mode, and your problem is solved. This method can work on both iOS and Android phones. The disadvantage of this method is you will not be able to make or receive calls. However, it can also be an advantage; you may want to spend some time outside the social media world.

Wi-Fi passwords

When you have different sources of Wi-Fi, your smartphone conveniently store their passwords. However, whenever you connect to a new Wi-Fi, your phone shows your … instead of the actual letters on your screen. What if you want to connect another device to that particular source of Wi-Fi and oopsy, you cannot remember? This is good news for all Android users; there is an app called “Wi-Fi password show” is available in play store. The app allows you to see all the Wi-Fi password you’ve ever connected to, no more … now you can see all the password that you need. It makes it easier you to share Wi-Fi network with friends and family.

Personalized replies for missed calls

As an iPhone user, you probably know that you can send messages in just a single tap, whenever you missed a call. However, these messages are pretty basic and may not give you the exact words you want to say. Nonetheless, you can personalize your “missed” calls messages; go to settings, select phone, respond with text- you can write whatever suits you in the available box. This feature may be small, but it gives you the platform to be creative.

Android guest mode

When you give someone your phone, sometimes or in my case all of the time, you start to think this person now has access to your information that you want to keep private. If you are an android user, all you have to do is to turn your phone into guest mode. How do you switch it on? You simply tap the user icon at the top right corner at the “quick setting panel” then tap guest, and that’s it. From now on, your personal information will stay private… until you turn this mode off.

Secrets iPhone codes

You can unlock some hidden and useful functions on your phone, for instance, you can hide your number for an outgoing call with one secret code. Just enter *#31# to hide the number for all calls, if you need for once a specific call dial #31# right before the number you are calling. Cool, isn’t it? For more phone codes check out our amazing phone codes for iPhone and Android users.

Audio timer

If you love listening to audio books or falling asleep to music, then you are going to love this feature. It is an audio timer that will allow your device to turn off all the audio at a specified time. However, it is available only to iOS users. The first step is to go to the timer and select your it length, secondly, type when the timer ends and select “start playing from the bottom” select set and start your timer. When your timer goes off, any audio currently playing will stop; you do not have to worry about low battery the next day, your phone will stop playing the audio for you.

Take photos while filming videos

This feature is another advantage for iPhone users who love to shoot videos and also take pictures. This feature is available for iPhone 5 to the latest iPhones. So, if you’ve always wanted to take photos without interrupting the video you are filming all you have to do, is to tap the camera button which appears close to the shutter on the screen and voila you are done! Your screen will just blink to let you know that the photo was taken.

Share content immediately

There is one more way to share content immediately for Android users with no wires needed; you just need to bring the devices closer together. Tap the share icon in any app, choose android beam from the list of options and then put the devices together back to back just a couple of seconds and you are done. This feature is not limited to Android mobile phones; it also works on some of the tablets as well. Using android beams allows you to send any files, including mp3, map directions, information from websites, pictures, etc.

Keyboard and Mouse

Android users can use keyboard or mouse; this feature is useful if your phone screen is broken, damaged or you just need to type a lot of text. All you need to do to attach a keyboard or mouse to your phone is a USB O-T-G (On-The-Go) cable. Once this is done, you will be able to click on icons in your phone using your mouse instead of taping with your fingers. The same rules apply when connecting a gamepad to your device.

Screen Lock Time Password

It can’t be challenging sometimes to find the password that will pop into your head at any moment; this app will make it easy for you. The app is called, screen lock time password; it will make your phone’s current time or any other option related to time your password. Just look at the clock and enter the current time t unlock your phone. Your password changes all the time, you do not have to worry if someone has seen your password as you unlock your phone.

That’s all for now if you have other hidden codes that are not mentioned here, share with us on via the comment box below.


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