Celebrity Ten Year Challenge Pics That Will Blow Your Mind

Celebrity 10 Year Challenge

The Internet is full of relatable memes and super satisfying challenges, and this year started with one just like that. Therefore, the #tenyearchallenge, which simply requires putting two pictures with 10 years apart side by side, became a trend among celebrities as well.

Some of them are unrecognizable while the others haven’t aged a bit. We selected the most interesting ones, so keep reading!

Caitlyn Jenner is certainly our number one! Her post definitely made this challenge worthwhile.

Caitlyn Jenner
Tyra Banks is getting prettier and prettier every year. This woman is simply impossible!

Tyra Banks

Reese Witherspoon, famous for The Big Little Lies, proved that age is just a number.

Reese Witherspoon

Armin Van Buuren did something special. He put a picture of Gordan Ramsey, but this time we’ll forgive him for breaking the rules.

Armin Van Buuren

Justin Baldoni and Cole Sprouse indeed look like twins.

Justin Baldoni and Cole Sprouse

Miley Cyrus posted an old picture with Liam Hemsworth. This made us all emotional.

Miley Cyrus

Ryan Seacrest aged the way we all would love to!

Ryan Seacrest

Padma Lakshmi looks fantastic 10 years later thanks to her healthy lifestyle!

Padma Lakshmi

Here we can see Brie enjoying just like we would want to.


Jessica Simpson posted a hilarious picture comparing her feet to the current ‘pregnant’ one. This baby became famous even before being born!

Jessica Simpson

Sarah Hyland prooved the power of puberty once again. She looks amazing!

Sarah Hyland

Steve Aoki compared himself with the picture from Karate Kid and convinced us that reincarnation is real.

Steve Aoki

The actress Kiernan Shipka, known as the prettiest witch ever posted a picture with January Jones.

Kiernan Shipka

Madonna proved that she can still look just as good ten years later.


Ellen took part in the challenge as well, with a hilarious caption of course. She made a joke about herself holding a hand just the same in both pictures.


Mandy Moore compared the picture of herself with the picture from This Is Us character.

Mandy Moore

Chance’s little version is the cutest thing ever!


Winnie Harlow still has a childish personality, and we should all look up to her.

Winnie Harlow

Busy Phillips reminded us how fast the time passes by with the picture with her daughter.

Busy Phillips

Eva Longoria always looks flawless!

Eva Longoria

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