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13 People You Never Knew Had a Grammy Award

When you talk about music biggest night the kind of people that come to your mind artists like Paul McCartney and Beyonce as they have become the celebrities with the most Grammy awards.

That’s not a bad thing, but not everybody knows that not only musicians I entitled to being honoured by the music industry and recording academy.

In this article, we will be talking about people who have been awarded on different grammy award nights from politicians to comedians. You just may be surprised that you know how much work some of these people have done, but you never got to know when they got a Grammy award.

1. Lily Tomlin got a Grammy award for best comedy recording

Lily Tomlin earned a Grammy award for her 1971 album titled “This is a recording.” the album features her performance as Earnestine, a telephone operator. Ernestine is one of the most iconic characters that Lily Tomlin has created so far.

2. Steve Martin has won for himself 5 Grammy awards in different categories

Steve Martin is an actor and comedian who has gotten for himself a total of 5 Grammy Awards is 1978. Steve Martin had been given to awards for best comedy album, but the awards didn’t end there he also gathered a handful of awards for his bluegrass genre of music. This actor seems to have won the hearts of so many American root music lovers, and that goes a long way to explain why his song “Love has come for you” was awarded as the best American roots songs during the 56th annual Grammy awards. Kudos to you martin we are learning fast from you.

3. Ervin ‘Magic’ Johnson has been given a Grammy award for his spoken word work in HIV and aids prevention advocacy

Magic Johnson has earned himself a Grammy at the 35th annual awards for his spoken-word work titled what you can do to avoid aids. Magic Johnson is a basketball legend who came out in 1991 to reveal that he had been infected with aids and ever since then he has done everything possible to make people aware of the ways to prevent HIV/AIDS. This is a well-deserved Grammy because unlike some other people who wouldn’t have the courage to preach against the spread of the virus, this man took a step forward to make the world a better place.

4. Zach Braff was given a Grammy for the garden state soundtrack

The garden state was Zach Braff’s directorial debut, and it attracted a cult following. This film has an indie driven soundtrack, and that is one of its incredible appeals. Zach Braff starred alongside Natalie Portman in the movie, and the theme song earned him an award at the 47th Annual Grammy award night.

5. Barack Obama has won two spoken words grammy awards

Former United States President Barack Obama has also been given a Grammy award each for the narration of his books “The audacity of hope: thoughts on reclaiming the American dream” and “dreams from my father.” I guess he isn’t the first black president for nothing.

6. “Weird AI” Yankovic has also won himself a total of four awards for his comedic songs

Weird AI is not sure regular musician. His musical career is predicted by parody, but for someone on that level, he has done so much for himself. Best comedian/singer is popular for hit songs like “eBay” and “Eat it,” and he has gathered for himself a total of four Grammy awards.

7. Stephen Colbert has won several Grammys

Stephen Colbert is the late-night host, and he now has two Grammys. During the 52nd annual Grammy awards night, Colbert won an award for the best comedy album titled a Colbert Christmas, the greatest gift of all. Also, at the 56th annual Grammy awards, the show host got an award for recording of his book titled “America again: becoming the greatness we never weren’t.”

8. Martin Luther King Jr was awarded a spoken words grammy award posthumously

The speeches Martin Luther King Jr made while he was alive works together to shape American history. But one thing you might not know is that the activist and minister was awarded a Grammy after his death. at the 13th annual Grammy awards, Martin was honoured with an award for spoken words for his antiwar speech titled “why I oppose the war in Vietnam.”
two other speeches of Martin Luther king namely “I have overcome” and “I have a dream” were also nominated for Grammy awards.

9. Orson Welles has won three Grammy awards for spoken words

Famous Hollywood filmmaker, Orson Welles, has won 3 spoken words grammy awards. The first award was for “great American documents” for which Orson Welles read the declaration of independence. This filmmaker also won an award for his masterpiece titled “Citizen Kane” and also for the science fiction radio play “Donovan’s brain”.

10. Maya Angelou also has won three spoken words grammy

Maya Angelou is one of the most famous American poets, and she won a Grammy award for her work titled “on the pulse of the morning” which she wrote for Bill Clinton’s inauguration. This Grammy award was given to her during the 37th annual Grammy award night. Maya later won a Grammy award for the autobiography titled “a song flung up to heaven” and for her poetry collection titled phenomenal woman.

11. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a Grammy award for spoken word

At 39th annual Grammy awards, Hillary Rodham Clinton was honoured with a Grammy for a nonfiction book about the future of American children. The book is titled it takes a village.

12. betty white has a spoken word Grammy award

Betty White was honoured with a spoken words grammy at the 54th annual awards night. the actress who starred in the “Golden girls” received the Grammy award for her to biography titled “If you ask me (And of course you won’t).”

13. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as Johnny cash in the movie “walk the line” and him a Grammy award

Walk the line is a musical biopic in which Joaquin Phoenix starred as Johnny Cash, and he earned an award for the best compilation soundtrack for visual media.

Now that you know about these 14 people that are not your regular musicians, I am sure that you would begin to think of the right things to do to earn yourself a Grammy award. If there are any other celebrities you would like to mention who fall into this category; please do not hesitate to mention them in the comments section provided below. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinion on this list.

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