2 Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Ordinary sex during pregnancy is safe and comfortable, increase of estrogen and progesterone causes changes in your body to aid sex drive especially, estrogen that serves pregnancy related functions; like helping blood flow to the uterus, then to the entire pelvis.

It also increases vaginal lubrication and heightens sensitivity in your breasts and nipples.
Having a bump does not make intercourse boring; the most comfortable positions during pregnancy are usually subjective: though certain sex styles, allows the woman feel relaxed as much as possible whichever the trimester.

Doctors generally advise that pregnant women should avoid lying flat on their backs [i.e missionary position after 20 weeks since the style can interfere with blood flow to the placenta].
Experts confirm the following are the best suitable positions;

Missionary Position

missionary sex position
Classic missionary is very suitable for your first and possibly second trimester depending on how comfortable you can be. This style is actually good when tired as it allows you lie back and relax while your spouse does practically everything. Facing your mate while lying down, helps to make the act more intimate and your partner can touch you while in the act.

But you have to be careful when in third trimester, as you might feel dizzy if you lie on your back. Use pillows to sit up slightly, if you experience this. Also, your guy resting too much of his weight on your bump can cause discomfort. Therefore, you must let him know, and switch position to the modified missionary position.
Spooning is considered suitable in all the three trimesters, most especially, the last trimester when your bump makes it hard to get close face to face. With the spooning style, your man can freely use his hands to touch you, at the same time, incite your clitoris during copulation. Penetration is quite shallow in this position which is good as deep thrust can become uncomfortable in later months.

Being on top position is another cool style to indulge in all through the three trimesters. You can lean forward and hold on to the back of the bed for extra support, and straddle your partner as he lies on his back. This way, there will be no weight on your abdomen and as such, you can comfortably control the depth of penetration.
Spouse can prop himself up on a pillow to bring him closer to you. This position can be adapted for quickie on the sofa. It’s ideal for a lot of women as they don’t have to stress themselves to open their legs wide. Your partner can reach your clitoris or your breasts while in the act.

Studies show this position gives women more pleasure than any other position, when squatting becomes difficult, you can try kneeling over him instead.

Doggy Style

doggy style sex position
Doggy Style is great for taking the pressure off your back and pelvis. It’s ideal if you have back and pelvic pains. Your spouse gets to reach around and stimulate your clitoris while making love, relax your weight onto the mattress/pillow if feeling less energetic as it provides the needed tummy support. Penetration can be deep so do let your man know when it gets too uncomfortable.

Scissors position is allowed during the first and second trimester only. Penetration tends to be quite shallow, but lying face to face gives a feeling of intimacy as you can kiss, cuddle and maintain eye contact. Side saddle can be adopted during the first two trimesters, depending on how comfortable you find it; you can possibly go for it.

At the edge of the bed, move your butt close to the side/foot of the bed and lie back with your knees bent [after the first trimester], wedge a pillow under one side so as to be completely flat on your back, depending on the height of the bed, then your spouse can kneel or stand.

Side-by- side at an angle, each of you will lie on your side, with your bodies creating a V-shape: get a pillow under you r back for support as you face your spouse and rest both legs over his hip.

This style allows him to keep most of his body mass off your bump. In policeman position, you stand facing the wall with your palms spread and your legs spread like you’re being frisked by the police.

When your arms get tired, just use your elbows to lean against the wall. Non-penetrative, when sex with penetration becomes uncomfortable, you and your man can find other ways to be intimate.

Actually, the best sex during pregnancy is oral sex and mutual masturbation which are great ways of connecting on an intimate level.