3 iPhone X Features We Might Be Seeing On Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+


Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are around the corner. The launch is just a few days ahead of today and speculations, rumours and leaks are hovering around the atmosphere as Samsung prepares to for its ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ event on February 25th at Barcelona on the sidelines of Mobile world congress 2018 (MWC2018).

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Ever since Apple launched its iPhone X, the South Korean smartphone giant is still yet to launch any major device in response to iPhone X. But, that is bound to change come 25th February.

The iPhone X set Apple ahead of its immediate competitor in the industry. With the features iPhone X came with, the whole smartphone market is all about iPhone X. We believe Samsung will seek to use the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to come closer or even try to be rated side by side with Apple and her incredible iPhone X. To achieve that, they only need to either make their soon to be launched flagship possess more features, perform better or more still when everything has failed, they should make sure the Galaxy S9/S9+ is worthy enough to be compared with Apple’s flagship.

In this post, I will show you the three features iPhone X has that we may be seeing in Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ when it finally launches.

Facial Recognition Feature:

Also called FaceID. Samsung already has facial recognition feature going on their last year’s flagship, the Galaxy S8/S8 plus. But, the Apple’s iPhone X version of it is more advanced and functions more accurately and can be more reliable more than the Samsung’s version. It has been said that when new trends show up in the smartphone industry, Apple doesn’t rush into it when it’s not an Apple innovation. Apple sits back, studies as other companies implement it and when they are through studying, they bring out their version of the same technology that will stand on the shoulders of the early implementors. That was exactly what happened in the story of Apple’s version of Facial Recognition. The Apple’s FaceID works with a sensor that uses AI to estimate thoroughly every part of the users face to the extent that it works accurately under the water, under terrible weather conditions and even when the user is putting on a huge sunshade. It learns your face as days go by.

Samsung’s Iris scanner uses a sensor that works more like a camera. It takes a photo of your face at first, and whenever you want to unlock your face with the facial recognition feature, it compares your face with the picture it took initially.

Samsung will like to get up to speed with Apple. They will like to show some advancement on Facial recognition using their coming-soon flagship device. Earlier than now, Samsung has been rumoured to be working on similar technology for Galaxy S9/S9 plus.

Stereo Speakers

Apple introduced stereo speakers way back in 2016 with their iPhone 7. Samsung has been ignoring that trend for some time as it missed out on their last year’s flagship. This time around, Samsung is expected to bring their own version of this technology. On 25th February, we expect to see one speaker at the top of the smartphone, occupying the traditional smartphone position of earpiece jacks and another may be placed somewhere besides the USB-C auxiliary ports at the bottom.


This feature was one of a kind that set iPhone X apart from the rest smartphones that launched during the last quarter of 2017. The revolutionary 3D emojis were the most talked about feature of iPhone X, and we believe it will be making its way to Samsung’s Galaxy S9. Recently, an official Galaxy S9 teaser video that showed up online showed Galaxy S9 featuring Samsung’s version of the Animoji feature.

These emojis track user’s facial movements and then mirrors them in 3D.

Finally, to read more about the specifications and features Samsung Galaxy S9 will be coming with, read this post. And the final, finale, Samsung will not be leaving the 3.5mm headphone jack as we’ve all guessed. The new flagship will also bring it on-board.

I can’t wait for 25th February to behold the new Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in reality.


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