3 Popular Casino Games for Smartphone Users

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In 2020, Grand View Research reported that the online casino industry was forecast to be worth $59.6 billion, a $5.9 billion increase from the previous year.

While sports betting has significantly contributed to the industry’s unprecedented growth, few can argue that digital slots haven’t been at the forefront of the sector.

With developers constantly striving to create all-action titles, there’s now a wide-ranging amount of choice on the market.

So, let’s take a look at three of the most popular casino games for smartphone users. 

Book of Dead 

Following its release back in 2014, Book of Dead has established itself as one of the leading slot games in mobile casino gaming. Developed by Play’n Go, the title’s Ancient Egyptian theme has captivated audiences for much of the last seven years.

Impressively, Book of Dead’s longevity is highlighted in the fact that it’s still central to an array of modern-day operators. At Genesis Mobile Casino, players can immerse themselves in the ever-popular five-reel slot via their smartphone.

The title, like many others, has been fully optimized for mobiles, meaning that in-game experiences of Book of Dead aren’t compromised.

Aside from its traditional five-reel format, Book of Dead has long attracted players through its Free Spins feature.

Unlike few others on the market, the Play’n Go development offers unlimited multiplier opportunities. As such, this means that players can win a maximum of 5,000 times their initial wager.

Another reason for its popularity is that the title plays into a widespread interest of Ancient Egypt, which the New York Times describes as “Egyptomania”. 

Reel King 

Much like Book of Dead, another of the most popular casino games for smartphone users, Reel King, was also released in 2014.

In nature, the Novomatic development adopts a far more traditional approach, styling their creation around classic fruit machines. In staying true to its old-school inspiration, Reel King adopts a five-by-three format. 

Regarding the game’s features, it possesses 20 paylines and a Reel King bonus element. When activated, a unique set of spinning reels are triggered, and users are guaranteed to win.

Interestingly, this process only ends upon uncovering a losing reel. Moreover, compared to Book of Dead, Reel King offers winnings of up to 500 times your initial stake.

Despite its modern approach, the Novomatic development doesn’t shy away from embracing its old-school roots, with its charm being its nostalgic feel and user-friendly nature. 


Despite being the oldest of the three titles on this list, there can be no doubt that Starburst is arguably one of the most popular digital slots of all time.

Released in 2012, the NetEnt creation remains a go-to game for global players. Similarly to Reel King, the maximum win per turn is 500 times the initial wager.

With an RTP (return to player) percentage of 96.09, the five-reel creation doesn’t feature Free Spins, but there are Starburst Wild symbols.

Interestingly, when activated, these features expand across the slot. In turn, this opens up the prospect of players achieving more lucrative combinations.

Stylistically, Starburst adopts an arcade-inspired aesthetic and sound. Set in outer space, the title possesses a unique, cosmic design that has long played a pivotal role in captivating gamers.

Much like Book of Dead, Starburst focuses on a widely popular theme, with curiosity being one of the main reasons for civilizations’ intrigue with space

Play the One That’s Right for You! 

Although similar, there are subtle differences between each of the above titles. For those striving for a more traditional approach, Reel King may be the route to explore.

However, themed alternatives shouldn’t be overlooked, with Book of Dead’s and Starburst’s contemporary designs making them must-play titles.

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