3 Reasons to Sell iPhone 5 for Cash Online


Smart phones continue to evolve every single month. What is the latest and greatest technology today will likely be outdated in just a few months. The problem is that many consumers do not know what to do with their current smart phone. If you are an iPhone 5 owner looking to upgrade, there are options that will let you sell iPhone 5 for cash.

Sell iPhone 5

Return on investment:

When you purchase a smart phone you are making an investment in that piece of hardware. You likely will pay a few hundred dollars at least for a top of the line phone. If you are investing all of that money, you mine as well get a return on it at the end. There is a large industry now that allows you to actually exchange your old smart phone or sell iPhone 5 for cash.  This means that you could get back actual cash in your pocket simply by mailing a company the phone you no longer use. This gives you a return on the money you put out initially instead of the technology collecting dust in a drawer.

Trade up for a new phone:

There is nothing like getting a new smart phone. New phones are releasing all of the time. Apple just released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Samsung also continues to release new versions of its Galaxy smart phone and tablets. If you are able to sell iPhone 5 you can get cash that you can turn into a new phone. This helps reduce the amount of money that you have to spend out of your pocket to get the latest and greatest technology available.

Selling online gets a bigger cash return:

There are many companies who allow you to trade in your phones in their stores. Apple allows you to trade in your iPhone 5 in store now towards a new phone. Best Buy is doing the same. These stores do not give you as much of a return in many cases as you can get when you sell your old iPhone 5 online. Selling online is so easy, as you simply have to pick your phone, print out a shipping label, and put it in the mail. This simplistic process helps you get a bigger and more efficient return.

Apple iPhone 5 16GB (White) – Unlocked

Companies such as KarouCell are making it easier than ever to get cash for your old technology. You may have a pile of cash sitting in your bedroom in the form of old laptops, smart phones, and so on. If it is collecting dust, now is the time to turn it into cash and potentially new toys for you to enjoy. If you have an iPhone 5, sell it online and trade up for a brand new iPhone 5S with the extra cash in your pocket. The online marketplace that exists today makes it easier than ever to sell iPhone 5 for cash online.


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