4 Best Android apps for Losing Weight


Losing weight can be a long and difficult process, particularly if you need to lose more than ten percent of your total body weight. The motivation to stick to eating plans and exercises regimes often wanes over time, leading many people to abandon their weight loss efforts. If you are trying to lose weight, there are thousands of Android apps designed to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Android Apps For Losing Weight

Here are 4 of the best Android apps for losing weight, as chosen by SellCell.com.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal acts as a food diary and calorie counter, enabling you to keep track of your daily food intake. My Fitness Pal comes with an extensive food database, providing nutritional details for a wide range of foods. Using the tools provided, you can track the amount of calories you eat, as well as the calories you burn through exercise. In addition, you can use the app to record, monitor and track your weight loss goals and progress. My Fitness Pal can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter, enabling you to share your progress with friends. You can also benefit from peer support through the My Fitness Pal forums. The basic My Fitness Pal app is free to use, although extra features are available with a paid upgrade.

Noom Weight Loss Coach

In at number two on the SellCell.com rundown is Noom Weight Loss Coach, which helps to keep you motivated by setting daily food, exercise or lifestyle challenges. In addition to the daily tasks and goals set by Noom Weight Loss Coach, you can add your own goals and reminders to help keep you on track. The colour-coded food diary categorises the food you eat into different colour groups, with green foods considered to be the healthiest choice. The exercise tracker comes with a real-time GPS tracker and pedometer, which enables you to monitor the amount of exercise you take. Noom Weight Loss Coach provides Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as useful articles and home screen widgets to help provide motivation and information. The Noom Weight Loss Coach app is free to use, with extra functions available for a fee.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is a free app designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. My Diet Coach offers regular reminders and tips to help you deal with food cravings, stay motivated on your eating plan and complete your exercise tasks. The app uses push notifications to send motivational messages to your phone, while also offering advice on how to break bad eating habits. My Diet Coach also provides links to a variety of online exercise videos, which are designed to suit most fitness levels. In addition, the app comes with a food cravings timer that encourages you to delay eating until you are hungry. A paid version of My Diet Coach is available for those wanting extra features, such as access to a detailed food journal and accurate weight chart.

Diet Assistant

Diet Assistant is a free app that provides a wide range of eating plans to suit different needs. Eating plans are available for vegetarian, high protein, low GI and a variety of other special diets. Alternatively, you can create your own eating plan or customise an existing plan to suit your needs. Once you have chosen an eating plan, the Diet Assistant app provides you with a shopping list of all the ingredients you will need. Diet Assistant also comes with a weight loss chart and BMI (body mass index) calculator. You can seek support and advice through the Diet Assistant forum, as well as share your progress with friends through email notifications.

Most weight loss apps can be used free of charge, with extra features often available for a fee. You can find the 4 mentioned apps on the Google Play Store so you can test them for yourself.

However, finding the right app will depend on your particular needs. Trying the free version of several different apps is the best way to find the right app to suit your needs.

Thanks to Craig and his team of writers and researchers at SellCell.com, for helping provide information that has been used in this post.


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  2. Today world has become so very sophisticated that we depend on smart phones and apps so much.Knowing the best apps for weight loss truly helps a lot of people.Am glad to read this and for sure will help a lot my friends by suggesting this apps 🙂


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