4 Tips to Prepare Your Workplace for the Post Lockdown Period

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With the coronavirus pandemic controlling our lives, it would not be wrong to say that we are going through a strange time in human history.

The lockdown period has been hard on both the individuals and the businesses, and even though the threat isn’t completely mitigated, yet we have got the green light to return to our offices.

Many people are still working from home, but there are plenty of businesses out there who have no option but to call their employees into the office to get certain tasks done.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a big company; it is crucial for you to take all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone working in your offices.

In this article, I have mentioned a few tips that will help you prepare your workplace for the post lockdown period. Let’s have a look:

Ensure Your Offices Are Safe and Sanitized

Before you open your offices again, it is important for you to make sure that the place is sanitized and safe for your employees.

It is advised that you hire a cleaning company and instruct them to clean your offices with an alcohol-based disinfectant. It is important that you choose alcohol-based disinfectants only as they are effective against viruses.

Once the place is clean, make sure you have placed sanitisers and cleaning wipes all over the workplace. There shouldn’t be a single employee who doesn’t have easy access to personal protection equipment.

You should also provide your employees with masks daily so that everyone is protected. You can check a supplier like Southwest Business Products if you still haven’t ordered these personal protection items.

Arrange Transportation for Your Employee

You don’t want your employees travelling commuting in public transport because that just increases the danger.

It is hard to avoid touching anything when you are traveling via public transport and when you are surrounded by so many people keep your distance is not easy either. An employee who travels via public transport is more likely to bring the virus into your offices.

It is strictly advised that you arrange safe transportation for your employees so that they can commute without getting exposed to the virus. Also, you don’t have to arrange it for all of your employees. Employees who have their own transport can commute on them.

Social Distancing

This one goes without saying, but I am still mentioning it just to emphasize its importance. It does not matter what your workplace sitting arrangement was before the coronavirus crisis; you cannot go with the same arrangement.

You need to make sure that no employees are sitting together unnecessarily and their desks are at least six feet apart. Provide them proper space so that they don’t have to run into each other again and again.

Hold meetings in open spaces so that everyone can keep their distance during an important discussion. If you have a small workplace, then it is recommended that you allow some of your employees to work from home or call them on alternative days to not crowd the place.

Do One-to-One Meetings

Your employees are coming back to work after a long lockdown period, so it is important that you do one on one meeting with all of them. If you have different managers managing all the teams, then you should meet with the managers and ask them to do the same for their team.

This will make all your employees feel that they are heard and will give you an opportunity to learn about their wellbeing and work progress.

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