5 Basic SEO Blunders Webmasters Should Avoid

Google, together with other major search engines, are constantly updating their algorithms to improve the quality of their search results by prioritizing on credible websites that have quality content. Due to these changes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also evolving. Sometime back, it was all about the use of keywords and the number of links one has. Today, these are no longer the highlights of off-site and on-site optimization. SEO has grown to be one of the most important internet marketing strategies for webmasters, bloggers and online marketers. It is vital in making a website or blog visible over a number of search engines.

SEO Blunders

As a webmaster keen to rank highly over several search engines, it is important to implement your strategy correctly. For quicker results however, most webmasters are seen to treading the wrong path while trying to optimize their site. Certain SEO blunders can lead to penalization. Before you think of trying any SEO strategy therefore, it is important that you check out these 5 basic SEO blunders you should avoid.

1. Website cannot be crawled

One of the biggest mistakes highlighted by SEO experts that most people make is that their websites cannot be crawled by search engines or they do not have a domain to begin with. The result of this is that, search engines cannot index any of their web pages and thus they can’t be listed. Google for instance, uses web crawlers to search and index web pages. To avoid this problem, surf around your site and ensure that you can reach the pages on it by clicking the common links. Ensure there are no 404 errors.

2. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is not only unethical, but can also hamper your search engine rankings. If you want to rank highly on most search engines with different keywords, then ensure that you create different pages for different keywords and optimizing the same. Rather than just employing any duplicate text, ensure that you focus on creating useful content with your keywords implemented naturally as the integral part of the content.

3. Poor quality link building

If you’ve done SEO for some time now, you must be aware that link building is a very vital factor for visibility as well as website traffic. There are webmasters who use low-value backlinks like those from spammy websites or sites that are solely designed for link distributions. Even though this is an easy move into link building, it is important not to stuff your domain with random links because this may land you into trouble with Google Penguin, the latest algorithm update.

4. Compromising looks for content

Most webmasters compromise the looks for content. There are readers who are obsessed with design, and if they don’t find an appealing design on your website, they may not further check anything. Therefore, if you only focus on enriching your site with content without focusing on the design and graphics, then think again. Ensure that that you follow a proper balance between the graphics and texts along with keeping the website navigation simple.

5. Lack of a better understanding of SEO

Another big SEO blunder webmasters make is carrying out search engine optimization in a wrong fashion. If you are not well conversant with SEO, consider exploring the same so as to use the idea correctly over your website. If you don’t have time, outsource the task to a SEO expert instead of living with the blunder, doing things wrongly.


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