5 Best On-The-Fly Family Activities

Family Garage Sale

Do you suddenly need something for everyone to do? Try these.

1. Drag out the oldest family photo albums and tell your kids stories about the people in them. Tell real stories, of course, but make them fun.

Pretend you are the person or you’re talking to the person in the photo. Ask the kids what they think the person was thinking when the picture was taken.

Tell about the difference in photography now and then, or let it be the springboard to some genealogy. Describe what life was like at that time, or even talk about who in the family looks the most like that person.

2. Get your kids together and bake cookies, bread or cinnamon rolls, or try something different, like flour tortillas or crackers.

Ask them to find recipes, either in books or online, then get the ingredients together and make them! Not all recipes turn out the way you think they will, so blame the recipe if yours doesn’t.

Have fun; put a dab of flour on your teen’s nose or give some dough to a toddler to let him shape it the way he wants to.

3. If it’s summer time where you are, play in the water as you water a lawn or garden. Put on some old clothes or a bathing suit and get after it.

Your kids will delight in dumping a bucket of cold water on you, so return the favor. Who said you were only a kid once? Family activities means that parents get to enjoy doing things, too. The more fun you have, the  more fun your kids will have.

4. If it’s winter time, have a snowball fight. You start it. You might have to have an excuse to get everyone outside at the same time, or you could just tell them to “come out here!”

If you’re not into snowball fights, build a family of snow men, snow women and snow kids, one for each family member, then let the kids put on the faces. Take a picture before they melt away.

5. Get your cellphones or digital cameras out and have everyone take a lot of pictures of each other, either alone or in groups.

Get everyone’s opinion on the best photos, or use them all and then create a photo album at Flicker.com or any of the other free photo storage sites. You could even print the photos and make a collage to keep.

Making sure contents are well organized.