5 Nigerian Games on Play Store You Will Enjoy


Playing mobile games is one of the few ways to kill time and since we always have our smartphone with us all the time.

While the play store is filled with games, there are times we crave the old board games we grew up playing.

Here are some of those Nigerian based games that you will love.

1. Naija Ludo

The ludo is a classic game enjoyed across tribes and age groups in Nigeria and having the game to play on your Android device is really a great way to kill them. The game is designed in such a way that all the human rules are present.

Single dice mode, no capture (killing) mode, safe zone, barrier, horizontal board, 8 in one board etc. You can play against the computer in different modes or against friends and even join public matches. Download

2. Snakes and Ladder

From the studios that made Naija Ludo comes another classic game called Naija Snakes and Ladder.

This game is straight out of the eighties as snakes and ladder boards are hard to come by nowadays. You race to 100 as you try to avoid traps (snakes) and climb ladders.

The game is easier to play for a newbie as its rules are easier when compared with ludo. Presently, the game can only support two players. Still a good way to kill time. Download

3. Ayo

Ayo is a classic game that many Nigerians (especially those that grew up in rural areas) will love playing. The game is pretty easy as you play against the Android for control.

The game starts with 12 houses (each player has 6) and the objective is to win all the houses (holes) on the board by capturing as many seeds as possible in each round!

The player with the highest houses wins. This game goes by other names, such as Awari, Oware, Adi, Awale, Woaley, Wari, Ncho, Ouri, Adji, Ogedesi, Uko. Download

4. Naija Whot

Whot is one of the games that people still play as cards are easier to carry around. The game is a classic and still widely enjoyed across the country. There are also different rules and modes available for users who wish to tweak the settings. Download

5. Carry1st

This is the only game on this list that will earn you real money. Carry1st is a trivia game that tests the knowledge of its users and rewards them with cash. Players can earn between N500 to N50000 every day by taking part in live trivia.

The game is still in active development so you can choose to skip it or continue. Should you decide to sign up, use guest_436KiF as your referral code Download

If there are any other Nigerian-based games you have played on your phone, please let us know by dropping a comment so we can update this list. Also, show some love and share this article.

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