5 Reasons to Stop Flirt Texting

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Not everyone knows how to send great text messages. But, if you’re one of the people who can, then it’s something you should be proud of. People who are great at sex tin can sit for hours text in the person they love or someone you have some kind of interesting.

There is a satisfaction that comes with sending messages and getting replies. That sound that your phone makes whenever his message comes through is just cool. One thing I feel is wonderful about being able to text for a long time is that boost your brain and makes you feel like a very smart person.

However, I am sure you must have sat down with your friends and hear them complain about how the men they are dating would rather text them for a long time rather than call, and just somehow the feel this is not a real form of communication.

The reason why they can feel that way is that texting for a long time is not exactly what they want. That is one thing that may make you different from the rest of them.

I am one of those girls who would confidently dodge guy’s called so that he can go straight to the voicemail and then I can text him afterwards.

Now let’s focus on you the master texter. If you enjoy sitting down to text for a very long time, well it is not a bad thing, in fact, it is fun, and sometimes it’s downright dirty however you just might be flirting with disaster especially at the early stage of your relationship.

Allow your fingers do the talking for you if you must, but I must warn that it is imperative that you proceed with caution.

1. Too Much Titillation

No doubt having a new man in your life is a very exciting experience at the beginning. If you want to make it all the more exciting, you can include back and forth texting.

Imagine being at work and bored and all of a sudden you hear your phone beep and in your head you’re just like “let that be him, oh really let that be him”. and then you rush to your bag, begin to search for your phone.

Finally, you pick up your phone, and you’re satisfied because it actually was him who texted you and you rush back to reply to his text. The next thing you’re waiting for his response.

If he doesn’t text back, you become a little anxious, and if he does, you’re on top of the world. Experiencing this kind of excitement especially when you and someone are just get into know each other can set you for some spikes of extreme lows and highs.

Getting catapulted to such height of happiness and bliss just by getting texts from a guy means only one thing; that you have nowhere else to go but down.

2. The disappointment of time delay

Texting is interesting, but the part where you get anxious when you have to wait for a response and it doesn’t come immediately is not nice. This is one thing that can knock you down from cloud 9 in a matter of seconds.

On the flip side, if you flirt with a guy in real life, you enjoy instant gratification because if you say something cute, he looks at you like he’s already stripping you’re naked in his head.

However, if you were texting the same guy and you say something cute, he still may one is tripping naked but he would instead send you a cricket or some other emoji which is less satisfying.

In some cases, he might not even send a reply for days or weeks and during this waiting period you would have to go through some form of heartache and your thoughts will begin to race.

You will begin to wonder if he still likes you, if he is seeing someone else, or if he decided to just pull the disappearing stunt on you like other guys in the past.

The truth is sometimes when he’s not replying he’s probably not with his phone. Maybe he has a bad network, or he’s very busy with something.

But then the purpose of flirting is, so you feel sexy and feel wanted and if you’re not getting the desired reply, you definitely would feel like he’s rejecting you.

3. Let’s talk fantasy land

Another major determinant factor of a healthy relationship is avoiding fantasy and staying grounded in the reality of things. Engaging in flirty texting is just like taking the fastest jet to fantasy land.

Both yourself and the person you’re texting gets to be the best versions of yourself you get to be very witty and articulate over text. The reason why this happens is that you take your time to compose the best text messages that you can come up with.

You give off a very sexy and confident vibe when you are behind your keyboard when actually in real life you just might find it difficult to leave the right words together you might even trip on your shoelace or be a very shy person. anybody can be flawless via text message and anybody can become anybody’s fantasy person via text.

Especially because text messages can be short, there is a whole lot that is usually left on set so you can fill your imagination with different things.

It makes it difficult for you to know where exactly the relationship stands because when you’re texting anybody can make you feel like a the serious even when it is not.

4. A false sense of intimacy

When you get involved in flirty conversations over text that last into the nights with him, you begin to feel intensely close to the person you’re chatting with, you start having the feeling of intimacy even though it is a false one.

This person you’re chatting or it is not your boyfriend or your girlfriend what you get to tell them everything from the most terrible part of your day to your big hopes and dreams.

If you must be intimate with someone, then you have to focus on face to face conversations so that you can build yourselves and get to know each other better if you must be intimate with someone then you have to focus on face to face conversation so that you can get to know each other better.

5. Overexposure

At the beginning you might know have it in mind to push your boundaries but later you might find yourself having sex chat with this person.

You might not be happy little to find out that the sex chat and nude pictures you be sending to your perfect man have been exposed to other eyes.

Even if somebody down you feel like this guy is not the kind of person to share such intimate things there are technical mistakes like mistakenly forwarding messages to somebody else.

If you’re going to chat with somebody, you are attracted to make sure you don’t allow it gets to you as much as it would naturally do. Like I said earlier, it can be very exciting to get involved with someone over text but wisdom is always profitable to direct.

If you don’t want your nude photos everywhere on the internet and if you don’t want to end up feeling rejected, it is best to wait to meet the new guy in person and then you can take things from there.

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