5 Smartphones & Gears To Show Love This Valentine


It’s the season of love, time to show that special person or persons they mean the world to you. It’s St Valentine season once again and well, we all have that special person or group of people we would love to spend time with, and give gifts of reminders of how important they are to us.

This Valentine’s Day 2016, instead of the routine chocolates and red Roses, you get your woman, why not get her something techie? Something she would love to have, maybe a very pretty brand new smartphone?  Instead of polos, perfumes, under wears you get your boyfriend/husband, why not get him a smartwatch?

We’ll be looking at 5 really cool smartphones and smart gears you could use to show love to your dearest this February the 14th.

5 Smartphones and Gears that says “I love you”
Apple iphone 6
Apple iPhone 6: Actually, nothing says I love you to a lady like an expensive gift. The new iPhone6 would be the perfect way to say I love you to your special significant other. While not restricted to the female folks, but ladies are more crazed with the expensive devices.

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ASUS Zenfone Selfie
Asus Zenfone Selfie: Recently launched Asus Zenfone selfie is another device you could gift to your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Ladies are selfie crazed and this device can capture real badass selfies. What better way to tell her “I love you, and want you to keep being yourself” than to gift her a selfie phone to express herself? Enough with the roses and chocolates, get your woman a nice self-esteem boosting device for a change.

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Smartwatch: If you are dating or married to a techie guy, there’s no better gift than a tech related gift. Most guys would prefer Gaming consoles, wearable gears, Shoes, Clothes, and other kind of gift for him, but most ladies tend to stick to the fragrance, clothes gift items. Why not try a tech related gift for him for a change? A smartwatch for him could spice up the love in your lives, as most guys tend to appreciate the woman in their life who gives them tangible gifts. Enough of the pair of jeans, singlets, boxers, packet shirts gifts for him, give him something to remember you by. Something he’d be able to happily tell him friends his bae got him.

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Konga jumia


beats bluetooth headphones
Bluetooth Headphones: These days, almost everybody seem to be deadly engrossed in music and as such, almost everybody have their headphones tucked in on a daily. Headphones would be a great way to say I love you to your numero uno, as it’s pretty an essential toolkit for this generation. You could go for notable brands like Beats Audio or Skull Candy, colors should be based on who’s on the receiving end. A female would be appreciative of either Pink, white or Blue headphones, while a male would love it black, or red.

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Selfie Stick: As awkward as the selfie stick is, it’s a pretty decent gift you can get for your girl. Most girls these days love selfies and the selfie stick could aid a better selfie taking. Only thing worthy of note is that in addition to the selfie stick, be romantic to add a box of chocolate or a perfume as additional gift items.

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