5 WordPress Maintenance Tips to Improve your Website Performance


Maintaining a WordPress website is one of the burdensome tasks, especially for those who are new to the web development industry. There are multiple things (such as the hacking of a site or losing WordPress data) that can mess up your entire website. If you don’t want to trap in any of these situations, you should first work on gathering WordPress maintenance tips.

With the help of maintenance tips, you can strengthen the functionality, usability, and security of a WordPress site in an effective and efficient way. So, in this blog post, we will share some of the solid maintenance tips that will improve the performance, security, and functionality of your website to a great extent.

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1. Backup your site files and databases on a regular basis

backup wp

Content is the soul of a blog or a site. The different types of content such as blog posts, pages, images, videos, blog comments, and even backlinks from other blogs form a successful website. And what if all of your content suddenly disappears from your site?

Or what if you’ve unintentionally delete your file from themes core files? I know this is one of the annoying things that you will never want to face in your entire life. But this happens most of the time when you lose all your data and can’t even access your website.

To avoid such situations, you must backup your entire site including your databases and blog content comments, so when your site gets hacked or other natural calamities, you can restore all your data with ease.

There is a convenient way to backup a WordPress site. You can host your site on high-performance hosting sites such as WP Engine that regularly backup a site and you can also restore your files anytime you want.

You can also install a reliable backup plugin to automatically backup your entire WordPress site. WordPress offers a ton of powerful backup plugins such as BackWPUP, BackupBuddy, BackUpWordPress, etc.

2. Frequently check the technical aspects of your site

If you are unable to improve your site’s search engine ranking even after adding good-quality of content on a regular basis, then you should check your on-site SEO aspects. There might be some SEO issues that are holding you back on search engine platforms.

Sometimes, we overlook some common on-site issues such as using lengthy titles over 70 characters, not using any links and meta description, bad linking structure, etc that can affect your SEO ranking.

But with the use of WordPress tools such as SEMrush, Moz, SEOptimer, and My site auditor, you can analyze your WordPress site to find and fix all the SEO issues. This will help you get good ranking on search engine pages and also improve the flow of web traffic.

3. Tighten the security of your site

Most of the beginners fail to notice that their WordPress site is vulnerable to various security threats. If you want to protect your site from hackers and spammers, you should enhance the security of your site.

Well, there are two most prevalent types of attacks that can hack WordPress sites:

  • Sending “special HTTP requests” to your server
  • Brute force attacks.

In order to avoid these security attacks and protect your site against hackers, you need to install the best security plugin. I would recommend you to use the BulletProof Security Plugin and Limit Login Attempts Plugin. Both of them have the capability to secure your site against security attacks.

· BulletProof Security Plugin

BulletProof Security Plugin

It is a free, flexible and powerful security plugin for WordPress that can protect your site against different types of security attacks such as firewall attacks, .htaccess attacks, database attacks, etc. You can also backup your site database files and even protect them using this plugin.

· Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Limit Login Attempts Plugin

This is an ultimate security plugin that will prevent your site against brute force attacks. It works by restricting the login attempts and block the IP’s of the systems who tries to cross the given limit of login attempts.

4. Optimize your WordPress site

Optimize WordPress

The speed of a site plays a vital role in deciding its feasibility and visibility. Users avoid visiting such sites that take ages to load a single web page. In fact, Google prefers fast loading websites. That is the main reason why you should always need to concentrate on optimizing your site for improving its overall performance.

To overcome this situation, you should consider the following things:

  • Optimize your databases:You can improve the speed of your site if you optimize your databases. All you need is to access phpMyAdmin from your hosting control panel and optimize your site’s databases. If you are a beginner, then you can use WordPress plugins such as WP Clean up to clean and optimize your databases.
  • Image Optimization:If the file size of your images is too large, then they can slow down the speed of your site. To optimize their file size, you can either use online tools or install the best image optimization plugins to fasten the speed of your site.

5. Frequently upgrade your WordPress core, installed themes and plugins

WordPress regularly rolls out its latest version with slight changes and additional features to help you fix the security and performance issues with ease. So, it is your responsibility to upgrade your WordPress core to the most recent version.

In fact, you should always update your installed themes and plugins because most of the hackers target your site through a loophole within your theme/plugin.  By upgrading WP themes and plugins, you can improve the security as well as the performance of your site.


Maintaining a WordPress site is one of the crucial tasks. But with the help of these handy tips, you can take a step forward and improve the functionality and accessibility of your site. So, follow these WordPress Maintenance tips and monetize your online business.

Author Bio:

Tracey Jones currently holds the position of front-end developer in HireWPGeeks Ltd. where she provides high quality of Drupal to WordPress conversion service and many more. Apart from this, she loves to share her knowledge with others on the web.


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