6 Easy Tips for Proposing to Your Girlfriend

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Let’s talk wedding proposals; So you have finally found that person that completes you.

You think it is the right time to take things a notch higher by asking her to marry you and as long as you’re convinced she’s the right person, the only thing holding you from spending the rest of your life with her is planning the right way to ask her to be your wife.

Generalising is nothing close to a good idea, but we are sure that every girl dreams about two significant things in her life; her marriage to someone she would love for a long time and the wedding ceremony.

It takes more than one person to plan a wedding ceremony so the girl in your life will only get the opportunity to participate in only one of the two things she dreams about.

We already know that your lady will not propose to herself so it is your duty to plan and execute the proposal however do not forget to seek the approval of her parents before you begin to think of a plan.

You have to make sure that your wedding proposal is made creatively as what you want to do is make her smile and have no choice but to say yes and not piss her off.

You must understand that the day you propose is the day she makes one of life’s most significant decision to share her heart, soul, body, mind, and life with you forever till death do you part. Below are five amazing ways you can propose to the love of your life:

1. Put up a banner in a public place

There are hundreds of creative ways you can propose using a banner. In fact, the number of ways you can do this differ according to individuals.

If your girlfriend loves her job and has a good rapport with her colleagues, then you can consider putting up the banner in front of her workplace.

If you know where your girlfriend goes to have lunch, you can also consider putting up the banner in such a public place or even in a bus station.

If you have found the perfect restaurants for your proposal, you can put up the banner at the entrance with a name only you call her, and with the words “will you spend the rest of your life with me?” or “will you marry me?”.

To make things a lot more romantic, you can strike a deal with the restaurant manager and have the restaurant decorated so that she feels special when she gets there.

If it is healthy for both of you to go out for dinner, then you can plan a dinner date and make sure you get there before her so you can get everything arranged.

Set up the banner in a place far from the table the both of you will be seated, so that she won’t see it until you’re ready to propose.

Have dinner with her like its a typical day, then on your way out of the restaurants make sure that she notices the banner. And if she doesn’t, give her a hint.

2. Pick a special day

Once you start dating someone, you would begin to take record of all the days that are special to them you can propose to your girlfriend on a day like her birthday the anniversary of when you both met her parents’ birthday or even your first kiss.

Proposing on such a day makes that date twice vital to her, and there is a greater chance that she would agree to your proposal than turn you down.

3. The particular place where you first met

This may not work for everybody because not everyone meets the love of their life in a very unique place.

After all, we find love in the strangest places. No matter where it is that you meet your girlfriend whether on a bus, or in a restaurant, or at the beach, it doesn’t really matter.

The fact remains that, it will hold a special memory for both of you for a long time. So if the place where you met is somewhere you can always go back to, then, by all means, take her there and proposed to her.

4. Increase the romance with some scented candles

There is no doubt that candlelit dinners are very standard when it comes to having the most romantic proposals. If your girlfriend is not an outdoor type and you feel the best place to propose to her is at home, then you have to get very creative.

You can play some very romantic music in the background buy a lovely bottle of wine fill the entire room with flowers or get her a beautiful bouquet of her favourite flower.

5. Get sexy if she’d like that

It depends on who you’re dating. But if she is as crazy as I am, then something sexy is all it will take to get me to the agreed to spend the rest of my life with you.

Go to a sex toys shop and get some very sexy clothing they make the atmosphere conducive for some BDSM sexy time. However, make her the dominant while you play the role of the submissive this way when you propose to her she feels like she is boss.

6. Show your personality in your proposal

It is very understandable that you may feel tense when you are about to propose. Sometimes it’s because you are afraid you might get turned down, other times it’s because you just don’t know if the time is right.

Just make sure you do not overdo it, and you maintain your composure throughout the entire process. Things don’t have to be complicated just keep them sweet and simple. Once you’re able to follow your instinct without overthinking stuff, you will end up with the perfect proposal.

If you have any other proposal ideas, please do not hesitate to share them with us by leaving a comment below.

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