6 Major Warning Signs That Your Smartphone Could Be Tapped


The smartphones we use have changed over the years. They are now faster, lighter, more prominent and all in all, but much better devices than they used to do. But all the improvements that have been made to these devices have also opened doors for elements that may not have your best interests in heart. And it is not just the big bad government anymore. Hackers, your ex, your employers and even the press could be trying to read your emails and listen to your calls.

They could be sending texts or altering the information being displayed on your interface. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can tell if your device has been tapped.

Battery Problems

In addition to the general issues with overheating associated with batteries which could be because of various apps that are running or consumption of a large amount of your data. But this could also be due to an unwanted software that could be running in the background without your permission. This could also be what’s allowing someone to listen in on you. But before you jump into any conclusion, it would be a good idea to rule out the option of this being caused by other factors.

Increased in Mobile Data Usage

You would probably have a handle on how much data you use every month. If you happen to observe a rise in the amount of data that is being consumed by your device and you are unable to narrow down the reason, there is a good chance that this could be because a third-party app is intercepting your messages. If there are malicious apps installed, these could be using your data to send information to an outside source on the other side.

Unwanted Ads and Apps

It is critical to take note of the apps you install in your phone. A Trojan called Hummer be wielded to infect 1.4 million Android smartphones per day in early 2016, it is estimated that the said virus creators managed to obtain $0.50 per infection. Yes, we are talking about the creator making a whooping sum of $500,000 in just 24 hours.

The Hummer tried to gain root permission that is administrative access to your devices that will allow it to download unwanted contents and makes it incredibly difficult to get rid of.

General Performance Issues

Another Trojan called the HummingBad though similar to the Hummer that makes its way to devices when you accidentally download a fraudulent app. the malware tricks you into download fake updates to gain complete control of your device. It also supports pop-up advertisements that transmit information to the host server controlled by Yingmob, a group of Chinese hackers.

This is not isolated to HummingBad either. The performance lags can be observed whenever or however a cybercriminal bugs your phone.

Strange Messages and Texts

Messages that are series of digits, symbols and characters should not be ignored. This could merely be spyware utilised by cybercriminals. You get these coded messages because of the improper installation, and the words are sets of instruction hidden under those texts sent over by the server.

Change in Website Interface

A lot of us know better than to click on any suspicious links sent to us on texts and emails but what happens when sites that you frequently visit have been replaced by proxies that intercept communication s between you and the real site you are trying to visit. We can come to understand this by looking for any little change in the appearance of the website.

You must have learnt one or two from the aforementioned ways by which your devices can be tapped and controlled by an outsider, so my advice to you is that you should be careful with the type of links you click and the kind of apps you install on your device to cause a breach of your privacy or your data being harvested. Share your thoughts if you have noticed any of these signs mentioned above, and if you know any other, that was not said you could also share it by using the comments section, and we will add it to the list. Don’t forget to share with friends to let them know how they can keep their data and devices safe from a third eye.


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