6 Things That Will Drive Readers away From your Website


Even though there are plenty of websites featuring latest news release and breaking news online today, only a handful prove to be really popular. There are a good number of reasons that ultimately work towards making a website popular and successful as an online news portal.

It is not only the news it caters to or the money that is put into its development and design. The quality of the design is definitely important, but so is the content it features, the freshness of the news it presents, the promotional plans, user experience, and a whole lot of other things.

Today, let us look at 6 things that you must avoid, which otherwise may drive readers away from any website featuring breaking news.

Drive Readers away

Stale information

When you tell your readers that your website is supposed to offer you latest news releases and breaking news, you cannot afford to present stale information or news on it that is old and out of trend. The freshness of the news release on your website is extremely important.

You must plan correctly so that the most trending news appears as headlines on the homepage at all times.

No data to corroborate the facts

Serious readers want to be sure that what they read are actual facts and not work of fiction. This requires your news articles to be backed by enough references and data that corroborates the authenticity of the information you present on an online news website.

If you fail to add such references in your article, readers may not want to stick to your website for very long.

Language that lacks flow

You must offer your readers well written articles that are easy to read, with a flow that keeps them engaged at all times.

Your content should carry the element that connects the information you are talking about all through the article. If you fail to offer such a flow, readers may not want to go through the whole article, leaving your website half-way through the latest news release.

Absence of proper categories of news headlines

Different categories of readers have different areas of interest. If you fail to offer all your readers with something that attracts them to your news website, right on the homepage, they may move away from the website as quickly as they land on it.

Hence, your homepage must not lack headlines catering to all such categories of readers. This will ensuring there is something for everybody on your website and show you a higher traffic in return.

Too many commercials

Though you would naturally want to generate revenue from your news website, too many commercials and advertisements will put your readers away. Plan your commercials in such a way that your website’s main focus stays on the news, and not on the commercials.

Absence of a strong promotional plan

Finally, without a proper promotional plan in place, your website will never gain the popularity it requires to attract readers.

Popular websites like Fast News Release that feature breaking news have well-planned advertising and promotional campaigns to reach out to their readers. There is a lot of competition in the industry, and your latest news release articles need to be visible in the crowd to be successful.

Author Bio:

Gerald works as a freelance journalist with a number of websites featuring breaking news online.