7 Amazing Ideas for Business Trips

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We know how important relaxation means to our mental, emotional and physical growth, so we gathered seven amazing ideas for business trips that you and your colleagues need.

Besides, every businessman and woman loves getting out of the office and traveling a little bit.

Not only would it break the monotony of an otherwise boring week at work, but it also offers a rare opportunity to get to know a new city.

Explore and even shop for unique local products while still making connections and seeking new business opportunities. Here are some of the amazing places to visit for business trips.

The Big Apple

The big apple made it to our seven amazing ideas for business trips it is this year’s second-best City for business travelers.

The City has 1,593 hotels, about the same number as Los Angeles / Long Beach, but geographically, NYC is 60 percent smaller.

All these hotels and the 150,000 dining and entertainment outlets in New York City are crammed into an area that is relatively small but densely packed.

The hotels are the country’s most luxurious hotels at an average of $393-400 a night.

During the rush hour, commuting time from Kennedy airport to lower Manhattan will take around 110 minutes.

Savvy business passengers, however, will consider taking the subway just as local people do.

New York is completing an average of 184 public transit trips per person annually, making it the best public transportation location in the world.

This is also a very economical way for small business owners to ride with a fare of $2.75 per metro trip.

The Magic City

Miami may be more synonymous with beaches and parties than you would with a business meeting, but several factors make this place one of the top business travel destinations

The City has an average of $209 a night, with 859 hotels. For a 55-square-mile area, the number of dining and entertainment establishments 36,751 is disproportionately high, so there is no shortage of things to do with your clients or team.

Miami International Airport is less than 8 miles from the city center and a relatively short drive of half an hour.

Car culture rules in Miami, as you might imagine. There is no problem finding a taxi or rideshare car, but you are not always able to rely on public transit.

Miami has a convention center of 500,000 square feet minutes from the beaches, so you won’t have a problem attracting a crowd for your next gathering.

With more visitors combining business and pleasure, Miami’s popularity is only strengthened by proximity to the beautiful climate and beaches.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global business leader and a popular business destination due to free information flow and free-market policies.

Many industries are growing there, including professional services, financial services, trading, and tourism.

The Big Smoke

London is one of the world’s major business hubs, if not the biggest. Europe’s financial capital is full of multinational corporations, global players, and investment banks.

Most of this operation takes place in the City, as well as the Canary Wharf, which sits by the Thames, as a standalone financial hub.

Perhaps time will tell how the effects of Brexit will influence the City, but it is safe to say that there is still a center of cosmopolitan business and culture.

The City is also a perfect place to discuss with new business partners who are new to the area.

The number of free museums to visit is endless, the architecture is incredible, and you’ll be stuck up for choice when it comes to restaurants for food and drinks.

The Windy City

Chicago is also the best business travel destination. Chicago has 919 hotels and less than 60,000 restaurants and entertainment facilities.

Hotels cost an average of $279 a night, the fifth-highest rate in the United States, so it’s a challenge to pay. However, during the rush hour, airport-to-downtown travel times will reach 110 minutes.

Thankfully, Chicago ranked third for access to public transport, so a disgruntled business traveler can choose to hop on a bus or train.

Chicago is the country’s largest convention center, making it an excellent location for business executives who want to hold a conference or fly to attend one.

City of Angels

The metropolitan area of Los Angeles-Long Beach is also part of the list of America’s best business travel destinations. This area has shone through the abundance of hotels and options for dining and entertainment.

In this area, 1,596 hotel rooms and more than 100,000 dining and entertainment establishments are available based on Census data. There are downsides to ease and expense.

While Los Angeles International Airport is only 16 miles from downtown L.A., the rush hour drive can take over an hour and a half. Luckily, the City provides some alternative transport options, including public transit, electric scooters, and even the sharing of helicopters.

San Francisco

This is also one of the most thriving business cities in the United States, a popular tourist destination. The City by the Bay often provides both business and pleasure opportunities; you’re going to be happy to be there.

Furthermore, you can find a bustling technology scene in and among those famous rolling hills. Companies like Twitter and Google have major offices there.

Spend some time down at Fisherman’s Wharf, go to the Golden Gate Bridge, or visit the former Alcatraz prison after a long day of meetings.

All right, I hope the seven amazing ideas for the business trips listed above are sufficient for you and your workers to plan the next business vacation. Have fun!

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