7 Rules for Partners Who Want to Successfully Move in and Live With Each Other

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Relationships can be fun and exciting when you both are living apart but what then happens if you both decide to move in together?

It has been observed that after most couples move in together, they tend to have lots of difficulties and drama and at the end of the day eventually break up with each other.

What exactly could be the problem? Because of course these two who were obviously so in love with each other just a few weeks before they decided to move in together are now at each other’s throats. Are you wondering what changed?

Yes, your guess is as good as mine, they decided to move in with each other. Are we saying that living with one’s partner is a bad thing?

No, but there are some things that must be learned before couples decide to move in together in order to avoid being at each other’s throats and eventually quitting the relationship altogether.

We have been able to compile the rules of living with one’s spouse successfully into this article and if you put what is written here into consideration, then you have a 99.9% chance of successfully living with your partner till forever.

Rule 1

Have a special date night. One of the ways in which you can both successfully live with each other is to try to do what you were both doing together when you were living apart.

One of those things you both looked forward to was when you would both get to see each other, walk, hold hands, see the movies or go to a fancy restaurant, don’t let that stop because you have moved in with each other.

Still ensure that you create that atmosphere around you. Dedicate even if it is just one night a week to your partner. You could decide to both stay indoors if you are not really the going-out type or you can decide to go see a movie together.

Doing this will strengthen the bond that you both share.

Rule 2

Learn to both have your space. One thing you were probably used to while staying apart was your “me-time”. Now it seems like your partner is always in your face and you see him every hour of everyday, you will simply just get tired of seeing him one day.

To avoid this from happening, create your Me-Time. Have a particular time when you can at least claim as your own. Before doing this, it is important to discuss this with your partner is they don’t feel ignored or feel left out. Let them know that you need your me space and without it, you may probably run insane.

Truth is if you are always constantly in one another’s space, you will both end up annoying each other. Learn to give yourselves space to restrategize, plan and reboot.

If you spend some time apart from each other, you will appreciate the amount of time you both spend together and you will create new ideas on how to improve your time together and make it better and much more fun.

Rule 3

Never forget to flirt with your partner. Flirting with your partner brings out the closeness between the both of you.

This also means that you should ditch your pyjamas for sexy nightwear. You wearing always pyjamas with your spouse in the house might give him the impression that he is living with a buddy instead of his partner.

You can even decide to stroll around the house in nothing but your lingerie just to flirt with your partner. This will rekindle the love in between the two of you and fire up the flames in your relationship.

Rule 4

Have your own life. Instead of you always depending on your partner for your everything, you can always have your own life. Now doing things together is great but having to teach other new things that you have both learnt on your own too is very much awesome.

Having to learn new things on your own and having to teach other will both expand your level of learning and also help you grow in ways that you both won’t expect.

It can be you both having separate friends or learning a new hobby. That way, it will give you guys something new to talk about at the end of the day.

You can also decide to try your new hobby out with your partner or vice versa. There will always be something to learn together if you decide to stop clinging and have your own life. It can be another opportunity to learn something new.

Rule 5

Be a good roommate. Having your partner as your roommate isn’t a license for laziness. It also isn’t a license to spy on your partner. Always clean up after yourself. Don’t leave the room untidy and the living room unkempt.

Don’t leave dishes in the clink unwashed. Always respect your partner and that includes respecting his privacy. And always remember, don’t be a rigid partner. At some point, you would have to compromise when it comes to having to take joint decisions.

Both of you will have to agree on what the colour of the living cotton should be or what type of furniture you want in the bedroom. Such decisions like this no matter how little it is can seem to bring a rift in between you two if one person doesn’t learn to compromise.

Your place should be a reflection of both individually and both of you as a couple. So this will mean both of you having to take decisions and come to conclusions that will both be beneficial to the two of you at the end of the day.

Rule 6

A little reminder never hurts. Reminding yourself of how you both started and how far you both have come together can help to rekindle the flames and allow it to fame up once again.

You both can decide to take a trip to where both first met or to the place where you both had your first date. This will act as a reminder of your love and how much you both have attained together.

Rule 7

A little regular surprise does it. Living together often gives you the opportunity to be closer than ever but never forget those little romantic surprises you always give to your partner.

It could be just a little note tucked into the pockets of his shirt wishing him a wonderful day and reminding him of your love for you or it could be a little gift at the bedside table to show him how much you appreciate him. These things never gets old and it always helps to strengthen the bond you both already share.

Living together is not a reason to slack on you being romantic with your partner. If not anything, it gives both you and him ample opportunity to bond depending on how you make use of that time you both have together.

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