7 Tech Brands Played April Fool Pranks on Their Customers on Social Media and it was Epic


It has always been hilarious when a friend plays a crazy April fool prank on you. But it has always been an epic experience to watch someone fall head over heel to your own April fool stunts.

Every year, it’s not only individuals that pull up such stunts any longer, these days, brands too celebrate April Fools’ Day by playing pranks or practical jokes on their customers. This year is no different and we’ve scoured the web for jokes from some popular brands. You will like them.

Read on.

OnePlus – PeiCoin

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OnePlus first came at us, releasing a teaser for its PeiCoin a few days ago but has now released full details. In an official forum post, OnePlus describes the PeiCoin as a digital currency that will be integrated with future OxygenOS releases.

According to the Chinese company, users will be able to mine PeiCoin individually or in groups, transfer to one another and also use it as an exchange for local currency. OnePlus even goes as far as saying it believes the currency will be adopted globally someday. A PeiCoin Wallet is said to arrive via an OTA update.

While most of the post is just balderdash, there was a key info at the end. OnePlus officially confirmed that its next phone will be called the OnePlus 6. Up until today, it has not referred to its next phone as the OnePlus 6.

Xiaomi – Mi A1 With Six Cameras

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This is a lazy attempt at a joke from Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer came to us by slapping four extra cameras on the back of the much loved Xiaomi Mi A1 bringing the number of rear cameras to six. While we think their decision to choose the Mi A1 as the subject of the expensive joke is due to its name A1 (April 1) We believe they could have come up with something better.


Meizu – Meizu M6s 3.5 Edition

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Meizu’s head of global marketing, Ard Boudeling, must have seen Xiaomi’s April Fools’ joke and quickly came up with his own version. His April Fools’ joke is a Meizu M6s with three 3.5mm audio jacks and it’s called the Meizu M6s 3.5 Edition. Boring!



Ulefone was straightforward with its own joke. A gif posted on their Twitter page teases their “new flagship” which has a Full View display, a Snapdragon 845 processor, and a half-screen in-display fingerprint scanner. The device is said to launch today. Let’s know how much it cost if you find it.


Razer: Project Venom v2

Razer already released its April Fools’ joke yesterday and it is pretty funny. The manufacturer which is known for its gaming hardware and smartphone decided to make something for players to keep up with its products. Therein comes Project Venom v2, a solution that boosts your gaming abilities and an improved variant of 2010’s Project Venom.

Unlike the original that had to be used intravenously or inhaled after diffusing the solution into a green gas, Razer says you should “insert the Venom V2 into your preferred orifice”. Then proceed to configure your preferred enhancements on Razer Synapse – a hardware configuration tool for Razer products. You will be able to choose from the following enhancements:

Trigger Finger – your left/right mouse clicking speed and mouse reaction time increases.

Key Storm – increases key press speeds to over 9000 APM.

Eagle Eyes – gives you true sight by increasing your map awareness by 500% and your eye reaction time by 5000 FPS for guaranteed headshots.

Razer says there will be a Venom app for Razer phones and is also looking for beta testers for Project Venom V2. You can sign up here. You also stand the chance to win a full suite of Razer Chroma hardware when you sign up. Project Venom V2 comes in 8 different flavours

Nokia – Nokia CityMan

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Development in the mobile phone industry has seen an exponential growth in the last decade but one feature that hasn’t seen much improvement is the battery. With phones combining all the features of multiple gadgets into one, it’s no surprise battery life suffers.

HMD Global has announced its next smartphone, the Nokia CityMan with 1-year battery life. Sounds good right? As long as you are willing to forfeit all the current features of not only a smartphone but even a modern feature phone.


The Nokia CityMan is a dinosaur in the mobile industry. First released in 1987, the 760g phone packs a 1,000mAh battery that should be sufficient for calls and powering its monochrome display.

T-Mobile – SideKicks

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We have saved the best for last. T-Mobile brought back its popular SideKick for its April Fools’ joke but this is not the SideKick you remember.

The new SideKicks is the first smartshoephone. Yes, that’s a word now. The Magenta-colored sneakers modelled after Converse sneakers is a smartphone and a shoe combined. It has a slide-out screen, retractable shoelaces that double as earphones, speakers on the left foot, a smart assistant that responds to the hotword “Hey SideKicks”, a fitness tracker, NFC, and more.

T-Mobile really went all out on this joke and it is easily the best. If you do like the Magenta coloured sneakers, you can actually order the shoes here but just know that it doesn’t have the above-mentioned features.


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