7 Things to Know Before Planning an Indian Party

Indian Party

Planning for a party this weekend? Well then you need to go through the few tips listed below to ensure a flawless flow of the entire evening with all the gleeful and satisfied guests throwing words of appreciation towards you and your party.

Although not that eminent, Indians have also adopted the celebration technique of western culture which involves food, music, drinks and entertainment.

Food has always formed the essence of any celebration in the world. Be it the Indian party or any other party, there are few basic things that one needs to take care of before it is party time!

1. Prepare properly

Not only does the list of guests that you have invited needs a thorough check, but even the meals that will prove less messy for you is essential.

The guests list is the first and foremost priority once you begin with the party. You don’t want to miss out on someone and send a wrong message to them. So be sure of the list before you send invites. The other thing that you need to prepare is the food theme.

Try and keep it less messy, for both, the guests as well as yourself. Decide onto something that the guests can comfortably hold in their hands and enjoy the party as well.

You do not want to see yourself cleaning up the mess during the party because someone just managed to ruin your exorbitant carpet you just bought!

2. Versatile meals

For different guests will have different tastes, keep the menu flexible for yourself. Jot down a few dishes that you can manage to cook in at least two different ways.

Some might prefer it spicy while some might like it mild. So keep in mind that you arrange a few basic spices on the table which include salt, pepper, chilli flakes, oregano and a few others of your choice.

You don’t want to leave your Jain friends hungry just because you added some onions and ginger garlic paste to the entire menu. So prepare something equally good or the same menu without these few additions.

3. The making of meals

Be sure that you choose such dishes which stress more on the preparation and less on the cooking. Start the preparations early, keeping ample time for you to get ready before the guests begin to stream in.

If you want to serve the guests a hot and just made menu, then follow Nigella’s technique.

Keep everything handy and well prepared in the kitchen; so that the maximum time you take inside the kitchen is not more than 15 minutes. You don’t want the guests to miss the host in the party.

4. Kiddo treats

It is but natural, that you are going to be inviting the tiny tots of your invited guests as complimentary guests. So ensure that you have a separate menu for them.

Not with too many things to cram up their plates, but something that will suit their age as well as their tastes. Keep it simple and less saucy as these are the guests which keep running while they are eating and are the assured threats of spillage.

Also, this mindfulness of yours will make a great impression on the parents for relieving them off of the big question of what to feed their little ones at the party.

5. Help Yourselves

Announce it once the meal is ready and keep your hands clean. Arrange all the dishes in a presentable manner on your table and keep all the required things like bowls, dishes, spoons etc. adjacent to it.

Let your guests decide what they want and how much they want. If you are planning to serve a meal on the table, in a seating style, then opt for the serve and pass method.

That ways you get to attend everyone in person as the bowl passes as well as stay free to do other things. Also do not forget to keep a bunch of tissues or paper napkins in an easily noticeable place.

6. Party Atmosphere!

Keep your guests busy with something. Put some good music in the background. Even if it’s gentle or the rock anthem, depending on your type of guests, music helps build the correct mood.

If not music, then put on some nice lights and create a dim yet elite atmosphere where people can chat and have food simultaneously. Also, make sure you have some seating provided for at least half of your guest list.

You never know who likes to eat in what way. So make sure your guests are comfortable.

7. Attend your own party!

Don’t be panicked about how everything is going to work out. Be optimistic and let the time go smoothly. Make sure you do not keep scurrying around throughout your house managing things all around.

Relax! You are not organizing an international peace meet. Things will go fine. Pay more attention to yourself and your guests. Greet everyone with a jolly smile and see to it that everyone has eaten something.

Besides, you surely will have a few helping hands around the corner or in your family to save you during such times. At the end, what matters the most and lingers in the memories of these guests, is the food served.

With a lavishly served menu and good attention to the small yet important details, and most importantly your presence as a host, you will be listed amongst the best party hosts in the group.

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