7 Facts About Women That They Themselves Aren’t Aware of

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Man, know thyself. By man we mean both man and woman but I believe the text here is really referring to women. However, I doubt that some women really do know themselves and what they are capable of.

Research has been carried and is still being carried out on understanding the anatomy of women; how they can tell different shades of colours, how many words they speak a day, their super mother instincts that surpasses a man’s, and how they can tell when a man is lying.

Despite all these obvious facts, there are still buried deep inside women, the ability to do unusual and exciting things and you would be surprised at some of them. I have gathered seven super facts about women that would have you wondering if it’s true or not. Read on.

Women have super memory

There is scientific explanation has to why every woman is genetically familiar situations where men forget to get specific food from the grocery or empty the trash. In 2015, Liana Palermo gave 100 men and women separate tasks to test their memories, with intervals lasting from 120 seconds to a day.

It just so happens that women fared better at recollecting tasks they are meant to do after, whereas men forgot to complete the tasks they were given.  In retrospect, women are better at recalling task of what should be done and what hasn’t been done.

Liana concluded that “In addition to their basic work, women have a lot of household chores and they have to keep a lot of information in mind. That’s how their memory gets trained.”

Women can smell men’s pheromones even in a crowd

Sexologists found out that the healthier a man is, the stronger his smell is when trying to attract a woman. A woman can sense a man’s presence in a crowd even if there are other men with strong odour there or in a perfume store where other women spray perfumes.

More so, a woman’s sense of smell can identify a man’s immunity and amazingly, she can do that in 3 seconds.

Scientific research carried out at the University of British Columbia concluded that a partner’s odour could calm a woman down. It’s why you find a woman being far from her man would wear his T-shirt just to feel closer to him.

The higher a woman’s IQ, the fewer children

Satoshi Kanazawa a British psychologist has calculated that a need to have children decreases by 25% for every extra 15 IQ points she gets. He also concluded that humanity is becoming sillier on a general scale because intelligent women don’t want babies, or they are satisfied with having just one.

They would instead prioritise self-development, self-education, career, and travel. This is one reason men opt more for women with more traditional values.

Women fall in love slower than men do

Research has shown that about 30% of men fall in love between the first and third dates and only 15% of women matched the same result. It doesn’t matter what sparks up these feelings, – hormones, the heart, or brain- men fall in love faster than women. In fact, men fall in love at first sight than women.

Some women confessed that even after 20 dates with a potential spouse, they still don’t get all the emotions they expect no matter how hard they try. Meaning, there are no butterflies’ flutters in their belly.

Toxicosis during pregnancy is good for women

Researchers from Canada discovered that toxicosis released during pregnancy contributes to the healthy development of a fetus. Headaches and morning sickness are a result of the defence mechanism that shields a fetus from harmful toxins.

Thus, the unfavourable symptoms are good for a woman’s health, as well as her baby’s. It was also discovered that women who suffer from morning sicknesses often carry and give birth safely to healthy babies, and are less prone to miscarry.

Toxicosis has a positive role it plays on a baby’s intelligence. Nevertheless, if symptoms such as hyperemesis, which is vomiting excessively, and severe stomach pains occur regularly, there something is wrong, and you should immediately see a doctor to have you examined.

Women who wear red are more attractive than women who don’t

A scientist from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Adam Pazda conducted an unusual experiment where he asked men and women to study some photos of women and state their opinions on them. Some women in the pictures were dressed in other colours while the rest wore red.

The experiment showed that women actively responded negatively to women wearing red clothes, and saw them as a threat to their relationships.

Both men and women considered ladies who wore red in the pictures as uninhibited and carefree, and women concluded they wouldn’t want their partners communicating with such women.

The more children a woman has, the quicker she ages

Researchers from the George Mason University, United States discovered that women who gave birth have shorter telomeres than women who haven’t have children. That is to say, the parts of chromosomes responsible for DNA protection become smaller with age.

More than 2,000 women of different ages participated in a study, and it turned out that the more babies a woman has, the lower her telomeres get. However, stress could also cause for the reduction in women telomeres.

Researchers advised that “We don’t persuade you not to have babies,” and that “It is likely that women with shorter telomeres can give birth to more children in the first place.”

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