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9 Famous Celebrities and Their ‘weird’ Obsession

Having things we all like to do for fun isn’t really a bad thing or a big deal but when it becomes an obsession, it becomes more of a big deal. We all agree that there are somethings that we just like to do that has become an obsession but some obsessions are just weird and sometimes way below baseline. And guess who gets this kinds of fantasies and obsessions, most people do actually but then our focus today are on celebrities who have very weird and inkling obsessions.

Some of them may seem normal to you while some of their obsessions may almost get you pulling your hair out of your heads and you may just simply almost want to bite their heads off. But then, we would leave the decisions of which is the weirdest obsession and who has it to you.

1. You all know Shay Mitchell right?, in case you don’t, well let’s give you a little refresher course, shall we? Shay is a model, entrepreneur, Canadian actress and also an author. She starred in the movie Pretty little liars as Emily fields. Well, you can remember her now.

However, she has an obsession for hot sauce. Did I hear you scream just now? Yes, she has an obsession with Hot sauce. She openly agreed to it and said she is like an addict when it comes to taking hot sauce. She says she is always with a bottle of hot sauce in her handbag or purse.

2. Ansel Elgorts:
Ansel ElgortsThe TFIOS hunk admitted that he had a certain obsession for rugs. Can you believe it? Well any type of rug excites this young handsome hunk and he is so much obsessed that he purchases any kind of hand made rug he sees. This leads to the question of how would his home look like?

Are you guessing already? Maybe he might even take us on a carpet journey who knows?

3. Who remembers the pitch perfect Bella queen by name Anna kendrick? You want to know what her obsession is? Are You guessing music already? Well, you are wrong. Her obsession is with the game Angry birds. Don’t be so shocked yet. The very talented actress says that every other person enjoys hurling angry birds at pigs every once in a while but for her, it must be every time.

She is always on her smart phone playing the game almost every time. The only time she stops is if she is asleep or on stage. She claims that it is not only angry birds that she is obsessed with but she is also obsessed with any other video game she can lay her hands on. And so for her, it’s work and video games. She says that she has like 3 stars on every level and its not what is the new level but how to go back and beat her high scores.

4. Katy Perry:
Katy PerryWhile others have obsessions about being clean, Katy Perry has a very high obsession of always brushing a lot of times daily. Most times, Katy brushes almost 12 times a day. Hers is so much excessive that her dentists actually warned her that if she doesn’t stop, her enamel will begin to pull out one after the other. But then she keeps about 20 brushes handy every time. She says she is so terrified of having bad teeth hence the excessive tooth brushing.

Apparently her role model Britney Spears has an exceptionally clean white set of teeth every time and she wants to be like Britney. But can someone please tell her that there are other ways to go about it?

5. Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato

While most people believe that aliens aren’t real and kids think that they are only used for scary cartoons and movies, Demi believes that the are real and guess what on top of that belief, she is completely obsessed about them. It is so surprising that she actually admitted to the fact that she believes in their very existence but then yet again Demi, aliens aren’t real. They are only used to scare the kids to bed.

6. Jessica simpson:

Most people are aware of the fact that smokers are liable to die young but then actually settle for nicotine gums. Part of those people is Jessica. Even though she says she was never a smoker and hasn’t smoked in her life, but yet again she is obsessed with nicotine gums.

She believes that by doing that, she won’t be smoking since the smoke isn’t good for the lungs but then again, she can still get the ‘high’ gotten from smoking by chewing nicotine gums all the time.

7. Taylor Momsen is a very beautiful and talented actress. To top that, she is also a musician and an actress but guess what? She is addicted to Horror. According to her, during her free period all she simply wants to do is to sit in one corner and start sewing her dolls which are in fact always crappy and very ragged.

Her obsession with these things got so much so that a while back, her neighbours had to call the police on her. The charges includes the fact that she hangs this deformed looking dolls on the outskirts of her house. It got so bad that it became a reference point but then she said it’s her hobby and she won’t give up on them even if they keep calling the police on her.

8. Mariah Carey:
Mariah CareyOur sensational RnB singer Mariah Carey also gave us her obsessions. She said she is highly obsessed with sleep. She is often called a sleep addict and a sleepaholic. She admitted that even though the she has a set of twins but then yet again, she complains about here lack of sleep.

She told E! Magazine that she feels the most peaceful when she is asleep. According to her”I just don’t sleep most especially when I feel sleepy. Most days, all I get want is just for me to do that which i most comfortably feel like a baby”.

9. Salma Hayek:
Salma HayekRemember our American Mexican princess, producer and model Salma Hayek. Well, our model too has a very weird obsession of breast feeding. Did I hear you scream? Yes, she does. She is so addicted to breast feeding that when she gave birth, she couldn’t stop breastfeeding. She tweeted this and quoted “couldn’t stop breastfeeding”.

She gathered a lot of media comments when she was caught breastfeeding another woman’s baby in Africa. She said that it doesn’t matter if she cries, she doesn’t care if she is fat she will always continue doing it until she drops. If this isn’t obsession, then we don’t know what this is.


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