9 New Features WhatsApp Will Roll Out


Even though Facebook is being persecuted on all corners for numerous reasons, WhatsApp has luckily managed to stay on top of its game over the years by concentrating on bringing in new features that are aimed of making lives much more comfortable. New features are tested regularly, and under the beat mode for testing, most of these features progress into the final version of the app.

The website WABetaInfo has listed some of the notable features that are being tested out on WhatsApp.

Information shared on these websites that are most likely to reach the end users have been compiled and listed here. These new features are very likely to change the way that messages are sent across the instant messaging platform.

Silent Mode or Vacation Mode

This new feature that is being developed is based on the “Silent Mode” that has begun reaching its end users. This feature stores chat for as long as the user wants.

Expandable Group Participants List

Although this feature is already available for Android users. It allows the user to hide the entire list of members and shows a text saying “More.” Tapping on this option will reveal the rest of the list.

Linked Account

This feature whose sole purpose is as of now unknown is said to be designed for recovering of passwords of other linked accounts.

New Chat Stickers

This feature is rumoured to surface in the built emoji section available inside the app. WhatsApp has reportedly been making changes to this feature for a while now. A few screenshots captured by users have even surfaced online that show the feature off, but the option is still available in beta mode as of yet.

Swipe Right to Reply

iOS devices have already received this feature, but it’s still on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. All you have to do is ‘swipe right’ on a message and start typing a reply.

Advertisements in WhatsApp Status

Several reports are circulating the internet that Facebook might be bringing advertisements to its instant messaging app in the form of Status Updates. One of the reports cites a WhatsApp executive saying that Facebook has plans to deliver ads to its messaging app before it acquired the app.

PiP Mode for Videos

The picture-in-picture mode is a feature that has been available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android for quite a while now. It has been available for the iOS users for a while now. This feature will enable users to continue watching videos even while scrolling through a chat thread.

Dark Mode

WABetaInfo confirmed in a tweet that WhatsApp has started working on bringing a dark theme/mode to the app. a few concept images have also been shared, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. This feature is not available in the beta version.

Changes in Message Recall Mode

Though the option to delete a message within an hour of sending is still available, this rumoured update will give you a time frame of 13 hours to delete a message after sending it. Though it’s still in the testing phase.

Share your thoughts about what you think of the changes that are being carried out on WhatsApp. If you know something I skipped from the list above, do share with us using the comments section so that others can be aware too.


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