9 Simple Things Most People Can’t Do

Tickling yourself

All humans on earth are unique in their own special ways. We are all so different that there are some special abilities we individually possess that others don’t. Want to find out if that is true? Continue reading.

These strange abilities might be an easy feat for you but difficult or even impossible for others. Let’s look at the list of some of the bodily functions that some people find easy to do, but difficult or impossible for other people to do.

1. Finger isolation

Most people are able to slightly bend their ring fingers when their pinky (baby finger) or middle finger is moved. We are made to believe that the ability to isolate the ring finger is hereditary. Not everyone can do it.

2. Touching the nose or chin using the tongue

How long do you think the tongue is? Are you aware that some people’s tongue can extend far out more than others. While most people’s tongue can’t reach out long enough to make a point, others can touch some part of their faces with it.

Some individuals can touch their nose and chin using the tip of their tongue, and even wiggle them like snakes. This is no easy feat. It’s so uncommon that only about 10-12% of the the world’s population are able to perform this task.

3. Moving your limbs in the opposite direction

Let’s try something you probably never taken note of. Try lifting your right leg up and moving it in a clockwise direction. Now why don’t you try writing the number “6” with your big toe while moving your foot in the air.

Most people would realize they would start moving their foot in the opposite direction without even thinking it. This is possibly because the number “6” that they write with their toe features a counter-clockwise turn.

Meanwhile, some people are exceptions to this effect, and this may be as a result of how their brain is wired or due to some unknown training.

4. Nose twitching

Ever seen the movie “Bewitched” that featured Elizabeth Montgomery? Well, nose twitching isn’t for everyone obviously. Some people don’t need to be witches to have the ability to twitch their nose.

You could also train yourself to twitch. Oh! I just did it. Lol ?

5. Gleeking

Now this is something I can boldly do anyway and anytime. Gleeking happens when the tongue is moved forward or upward and then spit is shot out of the mouth just from under the tongue.

This is referred to as an advance form of spitting and it can be triggered by certain types of food or fruits such as lemon and oranges.

It could also be triggered when you mistakenly bite your tongue. Gleeking has been happening for years and it even date as far back as the Shakespearean era.

6. Sleeping with your eyes closed

Most people close their eyes when they sneeze. This is because the cranial nerves connects the eyes and the nose together.

This make you shut your eyes when you sneeze. Nonetheless, this rule doesn’t apply to everyone. Some people can actually sneeze with their eyes closed. I personally haven’t tried doing that before. Well, I’d take note when next I sneeze.

7. Rolling your tongue in half

Folding the tongue in half is very common. I mean, two of my sisters do it effortlessly. Not everyone can roll do that though, and I fall into that category. Some people are also capable of manipulating their tongue into different shapes. Can you?

8. Tickling yourself

For some people, tickling them is very easy. They’d easily crack up, roll on the floor and laugh their ribs out. But do you think it’s possible for you to tickle your own self? Try it.

Tickling is mostly about the art of surprise, this is how your brain picks up on the sensations that can cause you to tickle.

It’s been noted that people with schizophrenia-related traits are able to tickle themselves because their brain is wired in a way that doesn’t make them realize that the sensations are impulsive.

9. Turning the thumb backwards

Fear not. It’s not as terrible or painful as it looks. Some individuals posses a double jointed thumb which is also known as the “Hitchhiker’s Thumb”.

This thumb allows bending of the thumb backwards easy. It’s not painful and there is no risk of breaking the finger when it’s bent backwards, nor does it put the finger at any risk or impaired the thumb of its function.

Hitchhiker’s thumb is caused by distal joints within a thumb and it can occur on any or both of a person’s thumb.

Do you have any of this physical traits? Can you do any of the impossible listed on the above? Are there other feats you can perform that isn’t on the list? Share with us in the comments. Thanks!

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