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9 Unknown Facts about Erotic Massage

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To get excited with the delicate touches of your massaging partner is one thing and to get involved and come out with complete satisfaction from the erotic massage is a different thing.

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Such massage involves a lot of delicate things ranging from the room environment and the sensually gratifying ambience to the massaging oil in use to the nails of the masseuse or the accommodating approach of the massage partner etc.

Even a minor distraction like the vibrating alert of your phone or a feeling a dry mouth can divert your involvement and make the whole experience under satisfactory. Here we introduce 9 unknown facts about same.

1. Nails without jagged heads

The rough edged or jagged headed nails can spoil the delicate soft touches and sensual finger movement during massage. The smooth, evenly shaped and polished nails not only look attractive on the fingers of the masseuse but are a crucial element of sensual gratification.

2. Warming oil with hot bowl of water

For massaging using a mix of aromatic essential oils can be ideal and placing the oil on a bowl of hot water to make it warm for massage can make it even better and sensual for the massage. Lightly warm oil relieves the aroma better and get absorbed faster making the skin soft and aromatically sensual.

3. Edible oil to apply on your tongue later

Make a little edible oil ready to apply on the tongue as it would be required in the height of sensual pleasure. The delicate use of lips and tongue in the body play is the part and parcel of erotic massage and so make sure that the edible oil is ready for use nearby.

4. Keeping the connection with partner’s skin

To keep your body touch the partner’s skin in an elongated fashion and continuing the touch in delicate maneuvers is what the pleasure of erotic massage most depends upon. Continuing the touch throughout the massage relieve his tension and get involved with sensual overtones.

5. Switch off the phone

The ringing of your phone or vibrating alert can really make distractions at the moment of involvement with your partner. Massage or any sensual act automatically takes all your attention to the pleasure of body play and an alert on your phone is sufficient to create a distraction in the middle of it.

6.  Creating a sensual environment

Often the erotic pleasure and relief from the tension of muscles and nerves begins with a sensually proactive ambience inside the massage room. A sensual yet soothing aroma, cool colors and pleasant lighting scheme inside the room really looks inviting for an erotic massage.

7. ‘Not into list’ music

Playing a soothing music in the background is really good to create a perfect ambience inside the massage room but a regular tune or common music from everyday list really does not serve the ambience for the better.

Try rather a soft, soothing yet uncommonly catching tune to make it another special aspect of room ambience.

8. Slow process of massage

It involves the art of arousing sensual desire and slowly going towards the heightened moment of pleasure. A slow massage thus not only helps to relieve the muscle and nervous tension but ultimately make the body play find its ultimate satisfaction.

9. Glass of water or wine to sip during massage

In the time of massage that may linger for hours the partner may feel dry in his mouth and then to avoid distraction in the involvement a glass of water should be there within access.

You can consider replacing water with a long sip from a glass of wine for a delicate change of test and temperament.

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