9 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Costs

Grocery Costs

Food is a necessity that we must purchase on a regular basis. Food fuels our body and provides us with the nutrients, energy, and power to live our lives.

These days it seems that preparing a meal for your family is an expensive endeavor. Even the once cheap chicken is now priced just as high as the next meat and can be a great burden to your budget.

Feeding your family can take a big chunk of your income but you can also find many ways to slash your grocery bill if you want to reduce the amount of money you are spending.

1. Eat Leftovers

Many foods are better after they’ve been warmed over. Eating leftovers saves you a lot of hard work in the kitchen and also cuts the amount of money that you are spending at the grocery store.

2. Skip the Meat

Red meat isn’t very good for your health and it is also expensive. You can cut red meat out of your diet all together or limit the number of times per week that it is served.

There are many alternative options for red meat that can help you provide a delicious and satisfying meal at half the cost.

3. Comparison Shop

Obtain the weekly sales ads of the supermarkets in your area, comparing their sales and deals. These flyers come in your mailbox and can also be viewed online.

You might find yourself shopping at a different store each week, but the savings are certainly worth it. Even taking a trip to multiple stores in one week is worthwhile when there is so much money to be saved.

4. Join Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs reward you with a variety of special offers, deals and coupons and almost all supermarkets have them nowadays. You can join the programs at no cost and enjoy the perks throughout your membership.

5. Use Coupons

Using coupons in addition to comparison shopping is the easiest way to double or triple the discounts that you receive.

Coupons can be found in a variety of different sources, including online and in publications. It takes very little time to find coupons and it is worth those extra minutes thanks to the huge savings you can find.

6. Buy Generics

Generally, generic products are priced 20 to 35% lower than the brand names and most of the time the taste is pretty similar. You can really cut costs by switching to generic brands.

7. Look Eye Level

Do not be afraid to look up and to look down when you are shopping. The most expensive products are placed at eye level because retailers know this is where you will look first. Do not be the fool; instead make your way to the bargains!

8. Don’t Shop While Hungry

Studies show that shopping when you are hungry will result in the purchase of unnecessary foods and an added cost on your shopping trip. You should always shop when you are full, and preferably with a list in hand.

9. Grow Your Own.

Planting a fruit and vegetable garden is a great way to kick back and relax while treating yourself to some of the tastiest foods you will ever experience.

You can grow anything from green beans to tomatoes to cucumbers and peppers. Why not grow it all? You’ll greatly reduce shopping costs while giving your family healthier, tastier options.

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