Add Nofollow Checkbox to WordPress Post Editor


Few day ago I wanted to remove easywpseo plugin from one of my site because of lack of update and the developer not replying to support query, but I wanted to keep one feature of the plugin which I love so much that is nofollow all external links and even white list some external links.

I found one plugin Rel Nofollow Checkbox which comes a bit close, what the plugin does is add a check box below the Open link in new tab check box in your editor screen.


Why Add rel=Nofollow to External Links?

In terms of SEO, each time you link to any page be it on your own site or to an external site, you are transferring SEO points to that page commonly known as the link juice. This is why SEO experts and even Google recommend you to link to your own older posts and also nofollow external links.

Now if you write a post that has both internal links to your site and external links to other sites, then you probably want to get the maximum link juice to your internal posts. You can do this by adding a nofollow attribute or tag to the external links. Nofollow attribute or tag commands search engines not to transfer any link juice from your site to that external site. This is how a rel=nofollow attribute or tag looks like when added to a link.

[sourcecode language=”plain”]<a href="<a href=""></a>" rel="nofollow">Example Link</a>[/sourcecode]

If you use Visual editor and add links by clicking on the link button, then you would need to switch to Text editor to add the nofollow attribute or tag to the external links. This is very annoying if there are several external links in that post.

Adding a Nofollow Checkbox to Insert Link Popup

First thing first is install and activate the Rel nofollow Checkbox plugin, it works out of the box, and there are no settings to configure. Simply go to post edit screen, click on create link button, and you will see a nofollow checkbox just below the Open link in a new window/tab checkbox.

Now you can easily add rel=nofollow to any link when writing a post. Most people do check the Open link in a new window/tab checkbox when adding an external link, so this checkbox is conveniently placed and makes it super easy for you to add rel=nofollow to external links.



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