5 Advantages of Working in an Oilfield Construction Company

Oilfield Construction Company

An Oilfield construction company is not an ordinary workplace. Oilfield companies work in remote areas and the job itself can be physically and mentally challenging.

Working in an oil rig can be dangerous but the many advantages such jobs provide, make working at an oilfield construction company an ideal career choice. 

Oilfield construction sites are located in remote places. Often these places lack basic facilities and it becomes difficult to survive on your own.

Oilfield companies provide many benefits to their employees to ensure their safety and also to encourage them to work while risking their lives and health. 

Here are five benefits of working at an oilfield company that should be compelling enough for you to say yes to the pending job invite. 

High Paid Job

Working In An oil field can be dangerous.  It involves many health and life risks. Therefore, to compensate the workers, such construction companies pay a handsome amount to employees. You can easily earn $200-$400 per day while working in an oilfield company. 

Moreover, depending on your position,  you can earn even more. For instance, if you have an engineering degree, you can easily earn $100,000 from an oilfield construction company. You can not find a better-paying job with this amount of work. 

More Days Off

Oil rig requires constant mental and physical exertion. You need to be attentive and active to perform the job efficiently.

Therefore, to maintain the performance of their workers, the oilfield companies provide alternate weeks off. For example,  you work for 2 weeks straight and then enjoy 2 weeks off doing other activities. 

This allows workers to maintain a healthy relationship with family and friends. You can spend more time with your parents, spouse, and children while working in an oilfield rather than doing any other office job. 

Medical Benefits

Medical bills can be very expensive. Oilfield companies provide health insurance to their workers that can cover huge sums of medical bills. 

As mentioned earlier,  working in an oilfield can be risky. You have to compromise your health and life while entering the workplace. Therefore, having health insurance provided by the company can benefit you in many ways. 

Transportation Benefits

Oilfield construction sites are often located in remote areas. There is a thin chance that you get public transport in those areas. Secondly,  if you do find it, the transportation costs may exceed your monthly budget. 

To provide ease to the workers, oilfield companies give quality transportation or pay for the transportation costs. You can frequently visit your loved ones via airplane as well. The company covers all the transportation expenditure. 

High Quality Accommodation

Since oil fields are located in places far away from settlements, it is very hard to find good quality accommodation on your own.

Therefore, construction companies provide their workers with the best quality accommodation possible. Sometimes, the rooms are of 4 to 5-star hotel quality. 

The accommodation also includes three times meal and laundry stipend as well. You do not have to worry about how you are going to manage without anyone looking after you. The company will take care of you. 


Many people avoid working in oilfield construction companies because oilfields are located in remote locations. However, big construction companies take care of their employees to a great extent. Apart from paying them a handsome pay package, they make sure that workers are medically insured and that they are given adequate opportunities to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

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