All About George Clooney’s 4th Wedding Anniversary and His Twin Babies

George Clooney made quite an impressive acceptance speech at the AFI life achievement award event last summer. However getting an insight into his life has revealed that those words were not just designed to wow the listeners but the actor meant every single thing he said, thanks to his wife.

“I thought if you had a successful career that you weren’t really going to be able to have one great love in your life. And then Amal walked in,” were the exact words of the one fine day actor.

Clooney who was Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor at some point has now become a happy husband and father thanks to the love of his life which he almost never saw coming.

According to a source who chatted with E! News, “George and Amal have a great relationship. They have figured out the perfect work-life balance and are very similar in that they both are very focused on their work, respectively, but they also love to let loose, get down and have fun.”

The couple now celebrates four years of the union as husband and wife, and George Clooney appears to be happier than he has ever been.

With the entrance of Amal into his life, the beauty has changed the world around George in so many beautiful ways. So, let’s take a look at how this beautiful union began four years ago.

In an interview with David Letterman, George Clooney shared as they discuss the first meeting between him and his wife that: “I didn’t leave the house, It’s the wildest thing. A mutual friend of ours said, ‘I’m stopping by and can I bring my friend?’ And I was like, ‘Of course.’ I got a call from my agent who called me and said, ‘I met this woman who’s coming to your house which you’re gonna marry.'”

“And the funniest thing was my mom and dad were visiting, so my parents were there, and we just talked, and we stayed up all night talking and then, you know, I got her email address ’cause she was going to send me some pictures of my parents and then, we started writing and I didn’t really, I didn’t know if she wanted to go out with me,” the Hollywood actor continued. “I just thought, you know, we were buddies.”

That average friendship grew to become something more than just extraordinary. And today, George Clooney is not ashamed to say that he knew from the beginning that there was more to the attraction that was there from the start.

“I thought she was beautiful and I thought she was funny and obviously smart,” the Casamigos co-founder shared with the Hollywood Reporter.

“She probably thought I was old. Then she sent some pictures from when she was here, and we were writing each other, emailing, talking, mostly about what was going on in each other’s lives and over a period, it became clear we were more than just friends.”

News that the couple were engaged went viral in April 2014 and seven months later, the couple transitioned from just being a fiance and fiancee to becoming a lawfully married husband and wife in a lavish wedding ceremony that took place in Italy with family and friends in attendance.

There was no doubt that we were the right couple and that we were the right team,” Clooney explained in an interview. “And we were a team from right off the bat. Immediately, we felt we were just happy, and we have been happy ever since.”

While George was busy enjoying his new life of a married man, his joy was doubled when he and his wife welcomed a set of twins in June 2017.

Amal and Clooney have tried their possible best to keep their family life a secret, but they just couldn’t help but gush over their twin babies Ella and Alexander when they arrived last summer.

George Clooney had once told Hollywood reporters that “Having kids has never been part of my DNA. We didn’t plan on it. We never talked about it until after we were married, which is funny. There was an assumption that we didn’t want them. And then, after the wedding, Amal and I were talking, and we just felt we’d gotten very lucky, both of us, and we should share whatever good luck we’ve got.”

A source shared that George is a great father and husband who is regularly doting to his wife and babies. It was also revealed that Clooney’s son Alex loves to mimic his daddy and even tries to dress like him.

The insider added that
“George is really embracing fatherhood and being married and seems almost surprised by how happy and natural he feels about it after so many years of swearing this lifestyle off,”

Ever since George Clooney became a daddy, he has decided to focus more on directing than acting. The ocean 11 star told Sunday Times that “I’m 56. I’m not the guy that gets the girl anymore.”

The actor and his wife are also focused on supporting different causes that are near and dear to them and their growing family.

A source told E! News that “They are really bonded by the very real goals they have regarding their philanthropic ideas and initiatives. Their goals in that respect are totally aligned, which brings them even closer to each other. They take that very seriously.”

Since leaving the bachelors club, George Clooney is now more focused on enjoying what’s in the moment than being worried about what the next step in his acting career would be.

The actor and producer had previously told AP through Vanity fair that “Right now my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have just to enjoy the ride.”

While some people have said that George Clooney’s married might end in a split like most other Hollywood marriages, the star and his wife are dedicated to making the thing work and enjoying their marriage for as long as forever. We are happy with the Clooney family, and we wish them a happy four years wedding anniversary.

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