Amanda Stanton Donates $300 to Domestic Violence Shelter After Being Arrested to Domestic Violence

If you are one of those people who think a woman is never guilty of domestic violence, you probably missed the gist about Amanda Stanton. The Bachelor’s star was recently arrested for domestically abusing her boyfriend, Bobby Jacobs after a physical altercation with him. According to the Las Vegas police department, the TV star had allegedly battered the man in her life in the early hours of Monday the 1oth of September in a hotel room.

Amanda took to her Instagram to address the legal drama by reminding her followers that life on social media is most times different from what it is in the real world.

Stanton wrote: “I see so many reminders from people that things aren’t always what they seem on Instagram. It’s true that it’s a ‘highlight reel’ of our lives and as much as I strive to keep it real and be open and honest with you guys on here, there are definitely aspects of my life that I choose not to share.”

She added, “Just because I am posting on social media doesn’t mean that life is perfect. I do believe that no matter what you’re going through that you have to pick your feet back up… but the absolute last thing I want is for it to come across like I am sweeping things under the rug.”

Amanda however, promised her 1.2 million Instagram followers that she would address the alleged occurrence at the right place and time, but till then, she thanked her followers for their continued show of support and understanding.

In a post which has since been deleted, the reality star made a pledge of $300 to Laura’s House, which is an Orange County, Calif. based agency that deals with providing shelter and other services to victims of domestic violence. According to her “With that being said, there are issues I take very seriously. I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t use [it] as an opportunity to do something positive with my platform. I donated $300 to Laura’s House in OC and attached a link if you would like to donate or get involved as well!”

Amanda’s rep shared with E! News, that the star was embarrassed and ashamed as she had never gone physical with anyone before. The rep said in a statement that “Amanda has never gotten physical with anyone under any circumstance.”

“That evening she had a few drinks at a bachelorette party, and when hotel security asked her and Bobby to quiet down, she got a bit rambunctious. Amanda gave Bobby what she thought was a playful shove; hotel security did their job and reported the incident to the police, who in turn did their job,”

Stanton began dating Jacobs who is a professional volleyball player just a few months ago, and now we are not sure what the status of their relationship is after the recent altercation.