Amazing Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair (Black Women)

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It is no longer news that relaxed hair is becoming outdated. If you want to see who the real slay queens are, then check their hair.

If you want to know who those handsome guys are going after, check their hair. A lot of women are coming up to embrace the nature of their hair fully, and are determined to rock it no matter what.

It is a myth that black hair does not grow, and it is difficult to maintain. I have seen women that with the right methods, grew their hair to bra length and even more in a short period.

Those of you still considering whether you should go all-natural or not, just take a look at that pretty lady beside you, and check out her hair. Those of you who have made the decision already, welcome to the family.

For those complaining that our black hair doesn’t grow, how can your hair grow, when you are busy doing all the wrong things you shouldn’t. It is high time you ditched your relaxers, and get acquainted with knowing the right way to grow your hair.

1. Know your hair type

The first thing you want to do is to know the type of hair you have. Most black ladies have type 4 hair. This type 4 hair also have subsets of a, b, and c.

Type 4a hair has a defined curl pattern “s”. It is a bit loose, and frizzy compared to the other types. Type 4b has a curl pattern “z”.

It is tightly knitted than the 4a, and it has a more fluffy texture. Type 4c hair is more coiled than all the other types. If you have very thick hair which experiences a lot of breakage and shrinkage, then you have this type of hair sitting on your head. The 4c hair is the hair type that is more susceptible to breakage because of its tight coils.

Whether you have a 4a, 4b or 4c hair, it is still prone to dryness and breakage compared to straight hair. This is because the oil we find it difficult to travel through the length of our hair.

2. Have your own hair growth regimen

To grow your hair, you should have strict hair growth process you have outlined to follow. Some of the must-do are

a.  Moisturise your hair

Just as your body needs water, so does your hair too. Having adequate moisture promotes hair growth and prevents breakage and split ends.

You can do this by drinking a lot of water, which is recommended by medical practitioners, or by simply spraying your hair with water from a spray bottle.

You may now want to consider buying moisturising products. However, watch out that any product you are buying must list water as one of its principal ingredients.

b. Wash your hair once in a week

To all my pretty ladies washing their hair every day, you have been doing the wrong thing. Washing your hair every day strips it off the natural oils and nutrients it has. This makes our hair dry and unhealthy.

Wet hair is more vulnerable, as it can break easily. So, you should wash your hair braided or in twists. This keeps the hair together and avoids breakage.

c. Use a satin bonnet at night

To prevent your hair from drying and help it retain its oils, it is advisable you use a satin or silk scarf to wrap your hair at night, as it will be difficult to do this during the day.

d.  Use a satin pillowcase as this does not absorb moisture as other fabrics do.

e. Trim your hair

You said what? You heard right, give your hair a little trim now and then. This would help you get rid of those split ends, and be beneficial in the long run.

f. Avoid using rubber bands frequently

The user of rubber bands places a strain on your hair, which may lead to breakage. Instead, make use of hair bands that are made of satin or silk fabric to hold your hair together.

g.  Use wide tooth comb

I know it feels like fine tooth comb will get the tangles all out, but it may cause more damage to your hair. Wide tooth combs are most recommended when combing your hair out.

h. Avoid using too much heat on your hair. If you must, then use a blow dryer on low heat or cold air. It is advisable to air dry your hair.

3. Use hair products that work for you

The first thing you want to know about hair products is that you should go for products that have in no small extent, organic nutrients.

You don’t just use products because they are cheap, or have a brand name. If you get a product that works for you, then go ahead to use it. You would want to avoid changing products just to try them out.

This can result in damaging consequences for your hair. In using hair care products, knowing the porosity level of your hair is essential.

If you have low porosity hair, your hair will have a hard time absorbing moisture due to its tightly closed cuticles. You don’t want to leave tons of hair products sitting on your hair for nothing.

Whether you have high or low porosity hair, it is necessary to have the right blend and balance what your hair needs.

You can also use natural hair growth herbs like chebe powder, cassia obovata, rosemary and nettle which has been used by black women over time to grow their hair.

4. Adopt protective natural hairstyles

The most important thing about our natural hair is that we can rock other hairstyles too. From fixing of extensions, to braids, and using of wig caps.

The best way to protect your natural hair is by using protective styles such as braids or twists. This helps to lock in moisture, and reduce frizz.

Listen, black sisters; you don’t want your braids or extensions too tight or heavy. This can damage your hair, and prevent hair growth.

5. Eat a balanced diet

This is very important to growing your hair long and healthy. The nutrients these foods have, cannot be overemphasised.

You should consume more foods that contain nutrients that will boost your hair growth. Not eating the right foods, will lead to a nutritional deficiency which will result in dry, brittle and unhealthy hair.

You should go for foods with the following vitamins, minerals and protein

  • Vitamin E protects the cells of your hair follicles from damages and promotes circulation around the hair root. It is contained in avocado, paprika, blackcurrant and almonds.
  • Vitamin A strengthens your hair, and it is found in almost all fruits and vegetables.
  • Vitamin B3, B5- B7 and B9.• Omega 3 fatty acids help to nourish your scalp and promote hair growth. Salmon, avocado and pumpkins are rich in this acid.
  • Copper improves the absorption of iron and prevents thin and brittle hair. You can find this in liver, yeast, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and tomatoes.
  • Zinc, protein and vitamin C are also vital.

In summary, patience is the keyword. Your hair is not going to grow long overnight; growing your hair requires consistency in using all the tips above and more.

Find out why works for you, and stick to it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any suggestions or contributions, please leave them in the comments below.

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