Andromeda Foldable Device: Microsoft’s Re-Entry Ticket Into the Mobile Technology Market?


While Microsoft gave up on their windows mobile project long ago, it’s now obvious that their intentions weren’t to leave the smartphone industry entirely for their competitors to savage alone. They actually went back to their drawing board and they’ve been cooking up something interesting for a comeback.

Here is a personal confession from me. For a very long time I have been hearing about Microsoft’s Andromeda and it’s foldable ability. I wasn’t quite interested because I have written off Microsoft a very long time ago when it comes to mobile phone production. But something happened and I took a step backward to know what Microsoft was really up to with the Andromeda foldable device they’ve been preparing and I must say, I was so turned on by the phone’s specs and what Microsoft is planning to accomplish with it.

In summary, Andromeda is Microsoft’s intent to re-enter the smartphone industry. But this time they don’t want to go the cliché’ path of being another mobile tech manufacturer producing smartphones that are running on Android, or be a direct alternative to Apple’s iPhone. Microsoft is hoping to carve out a separate niche in the industry for this device to fit in.

Andromeda Foldable Device

What’s Andromeda?

When we talk about Andromeda, in general the name is referring to both the Software and Hardware part of the phone.

The Hardware is distinctively a foldable tablet that has two separate displays joined together by a hinge mechanism in the center to produce a book-shaped device. The display is touch-screen enabled which also has a stylus to assist its control and navigation. The stylus pen can also be used for note-taking and draw on the display. According to Windows central, the device will look like a pocket journal. Its foldable form will make the user feel like he/she is holding a book and the device will fit in properly and simply fit in inside a pocket.

That’s all will know about the hardware so far, more information will be released soon as the stories unfold.

The most interesting things about this device can be found on the software part. Microsoft is not trying to create another windows mobile that will work like the one it just ended. Microsoft is building an entirely new version of Windows 10 and they are calling it Andromeda OS. This new OS will be built on top of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 core OS.  In case you’ve not heard of Windows 10 core, it is Microsoft taking its Windows 10 OS and building it into a fully modular platform which will lay the foundation for the future of Windows operating systems. To avoid drifting too far from our topic, this article will explain in full details what Windows 10 core is all about.

The device will be able to receive calls and make calls, receive text messages and send text messages. It is rumored to feature Snapdragon 845 and might be showing up in a 64GB and 128GB variants.

Battery wise, the device is ARM-based and its battery juice should be able to take you through one day with a single charge. Moreover, Microsoft Windows Core which the device’s OS is built on is known to be battery friendly so I guess we have nothing to worry about the battery life.

The device will be able to adapt itself to any folded position a user puts it to. This it will be able to do using the new Microsoft adaptable UI called Cshell.

When the device’s display is connected or extended to a larger screen, it will give you the familiar desktop experience you get on your normal desktop using a new feature Microsoft is working on for this device called the continuum. This continuum, powered by Cshell will allow your apps run in a windowed mode coupled with other normal desktop enhancements you’ve been enjoying on a normal desktop environment.

Detailed information about Andromeda is still being hidden behind Microsoft’s curtain. As details unfold I will try as much as possible to update you guys, but meanwhile, I am certain that Andromeda will be a premium device and I will also go with Engadget’s prediction that the price will start from $1000 so don’t expect it to be cheap.

Andromeda will certainly be launched this year. It depends on when Microsoft rounds up with the device production. But whenever it shows up, I believe it will be a force in the gadget industry for other brands to reckon with.