Angelina Jolie Hurting The Kids By Keeping Them Away From Their Father Brad Pitt – Child Psychologist Explains


Rumors have been going around for a while now that Angelina Jolie is trying to keep her former husband, Brad Pitt from spending time with their kids. Judging by what the court previously decided in their divorce and custody case, that it’s important for the children to have their dad in their lives, it looks like she may be hurting them!
That being said, one report from HollywoodLife uses the expertise of a child psychologist to argue that a divorce is a lot of stress for the young ones and more.
Ernest R. Katz, Ph.D. tells the outlet that ‘In general, kids feel connected to, and stay in contact with, both of their parents even during a divorce. If one parent’s speaking negatively about the other, the children will feel stressed and conflicted. Kids will also be put in a difficult position if they’re being told not to spend time with one parent.’
Katz goes on to explain that ‘These conflicted feelings can stay with kids for a long time, and even throughout adulthood. It can really impact their ability to live a happy and well-adjusted life. When one parent makes a child feel like they have to choose, it can lead to children having anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress reactions.’
But then what should Brad do about it? Apparently, nothing!
The child psychologist argues that ‘If one parent feels they are being spoken badly about by the other parent, they simply must remain supportive of the kids. They shouldn’t try to gather information from their children regarding what might’ve been said about them by the other parent.’
Most importantly, ‘The parent should always avoid putting their children in the middle. This can make the child feel worse and more pressured. Each parent should focus on being the best parent they can be during their time with the child.’
That indeed sounds like the best course of action. Hopefully, the exes will manage to settle things soon and focus on co-parenting harmoniously.


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