Apple 2017 Iphone Could Use Samsung OLED Panels Reports Say


The rivalry between the Cupertino based tech power-house Apple, and South Korean tech giant Samsung doesn’t interfere with both companies business eye for what is hot in the mobile world. Latest rumours spreading like wildfire has it that Samsung would be manufacturing and delivering the OLED panels to be used in the iPhone of 2017.

Samsung OLED Panels

The report indicates that this year’s flagship Apple iPhone 7 would not be getting the OLED displays, but the next versions reportedly the iPhone 7S would be fitted with Samsung’s handiwork OLED panels. The rumours state that Apple has already made contact with Samsung with respect to the OLED panels, requesting the later to produce 100 million units of 5.5″ OLED panels for it’s next-gen iPhone which should be unveiled sometime 2017.

The reports which originates from a source cited by the Chinese edition of the WSJ also points out that Samsung has set aside a production line at its Asian plant for the order. Future Apple iPhones using Samsung OLED Panels are not exactly unexpected, but they are not being anticipated to happen at least till the year 2018, not a year earlier as we’re hearing now.

Source (translated from Chinese)