Apple iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 Going On Sale March 18?


There’s unconfirmed stories that the coming Apple devices – iPhone 5se which is going to be like a lite version of the iPhone 5s and iPad Air 3 will be going official anytime before or on March 15th, and will become available to purchase directly from Apple both online and in stores days later on March 18.

iPad Air 3

While this is still unconfirmed, if it’s true then the Cupertino based tech firm could be planning to release the two devices close to the announcement date of March 15 which has so far been widely rumored. The two events will thus occur during the same week, with the introduction on a Tuesday and the start of sales on Friday. While the company’s plans could still change, the sources for this leak claim there will be no pre-order period for the two new devices.

On the look and feel, the coming iPhone 5se is expected to retain the 2013 iPhone 5s looks, but it will come with the improved A9 chipset, alongside Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay support, always-on Siri activation, as well as the iPhone 6’s camera. The iPad Air 3 on the other hand is going to see features of the iPad Pro re-utilized. The key feature could be from it’s camera which is expected to feature an LED flash on its main camera, which if it does would make it the first Apple tablet to have an LED flash.