Apple iPhone 7 Could Come Waterproofed Rumors Suggest


Apple iPhone devices have never come as waterproofed mobiles, but rumors making the rounds since last year seem to suggest that the coming Apple iPhone 7 could start the development in the Cupertino based firm’s flagship devices.
Apple iPhone 7Rumors originating from Taiwan in somewhere within Apple’s supply chain tips that the next-gen Apple iPhone 7 would come as a waterproofed device. The gist is that the iPhone 7 has so far “allegedly” completed its third round of testing, and viola… it’s water and dust proof.

There’s also talks of a 3D touch-sensitive capacitive home button; so you won’t need to press the button but just a normal touch, and you are good to go. The 3D sensitivity would enable it be pressure sensitive.

So far, the details are all sketchy and unconfirmed, so take with a pinch of salt. We’ll feed you more info on the coming iPhone 7 as soon as we get them.