Apple Maps May Get AR Integration Soon


With virtual, mixed and augmented reality expected to be the next big battleground for tech companies and consumer electronics firms, Apple is joining other tech companies even though it has been a little late to the party compared to some of its peers like Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

However, now that the company is getting into the field, it is seemingly going all-in and having recently acquired Akonia Holographics, the company is currently looking to hire some engineers (both software and hardware) expertise on AR to bring the emerging technology into its products and services.

The Cupertino giant has seemingly advertised for some openings that have the term ‘AR Application’ in the title, including UI Artist (AR Applications), AR Application Engineer, Technical Artist (AR Applications), Senior FX Artist (AR Applications), Senior AI Applications Engineer, and more.

Following in Google’s steps, the company is expected to add augmented reality to Apple Maps first, given that the posting for a ‘macOS/iOS Engineer’ says that applicant needs to be ‘Familiar with Maps and Core Location API’s’ and ‘Familiar with Augmented Reality APIs’.

Most of the jobs mentioned above were posted last month, which is between August 11 and August 22, except for the last one, which was published back in June. The successful recruits are expected to work out of Santa Clara, California.

It has been rumoured that Apple has been working on Augmented Reality and the latest developments being the job listings and the Akonia acquisition which are further proof that Apple is indeed working hard to make up for lost time.

Right now, there is no concrete info about how close the company is to releasing a consumer product with AR integration and is very likely on its way to designing something that could finally bring the technology to the mainstream consumers.

While it may take a while for Apple to release any AR hardware, the company introduced ARKit last year, an Application Programming Interface (API) that is somehow similar to Google’s ARCore insomuch as it lets third-party developers build Augmented Reality apps for mobile devices. Since the introduction of the API last year, millions of ARKit apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store, and that number is likely to increase exponentially going forward.


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