Apple Music Surpasses Spotify Subscriber Count in the US


According to an Industry source that spoke to Digital Music News, Apple Music now has more paying subscribers in the United States than Spotify. The anonymous source who is said to be a significant U.S.-based distributor is supposed to have shared the report with the music news website detailing the subscriber tallies of several streaming music services, including Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Sirius XM.

Apple Music

This report now places Apple Music as first in the United States, among primarily on-demand music streaming services. With over 20 million subscribers in the US, Apple is a hair ahead of Spotify in the US.

The Wall Street Journal had earlier in February reported that Apple was on track to overtake the Spotify and Apple’s growth was said to be due to the fact that Apple which just released it home pod is increasing numbers of devices in consumers’ hands. This also implies that with its current growth track, Apple Music will definitely surpass Spotify in the US.

Apple’s service had recently surpassed its single-day streaming record notching up over 170 million streams, with Drake’s fifth album, Scorpion,  in its first 24 hours of availability. Spotify could not keep up with its rival’s streaming figures for the album though, as it could only amass an estimated 130 million despite Spotify having around 120 million more subscribers than Spotify.

Globally, Spotify still owns the top spot with 70 million subscribers and over 160 million users compared to Apple Music’s 45 million subscribers. Spotify’s free, ad-supported tier allows it to own more subscribers when compared to Apple’s free trial.

When it comes to impact though, Apple Music seems to be doing well if it were to be compared with Spotify’s music base.



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