Apps Affected by Google’s Play Store Recent Policy Change


Google is well known for making policy changes to its play store. Recently, the company made another play store developer policy by adding new guidelines that will permanently ban some contents from being created and published in the play store.

These new guidelines will prevent developers from creating and publishing applications including cryptocurrency miners and any app that will feature content repetition.

Below is the list of change in policy and how Google defines them.

1. Cryptocurrencies

“We no longer allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices,”

“but we permit apps that will remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency.”

the policy stated.

The tech giant has already made moves to change the state of crypto mining on its products. Sometime this year, the google chrome web store banned extensions used for crypto mining including apps that are used for the sole purpose. But several mining apps are still available, and such apps include Crypto Miner, Minergate and NeoNeonMiner. This change makes sense in context because cryptocurrency has gotten a bad rep for being a currency choice for cybercriminals.

2. Dangerous Products

Play store also went ahead to ban applications that “encourage in the sale of explosives, ammunition, firearms or any firearm accessories,” the policy stated.

Also, the policy stated that the play store would not permit apps that provide instructions on how to manufacture such weapons.

3. Child Endangerment

According to the new policy, the ban will also affect apps that appeal to minors but contain adult themes. This might be a follow-up to the ‘Elsgate‘ controversy, where inappropriate videos featuring children characters were uploaded to youtube. Games and apps with similar contents will no longer be allowed, as stated by the policy.

4. Repetitive Content

The play store has also placed a ban on repetitive content, that is apps that “provide[s] same experience as other apps already published on play store.”
the policy stated that “apps should provide values to users with the creation of unique services and content.”

Two additional policy changes were made to apps with the primary purpose of serving ads and apps that are intentionally misleading users will be banned. Recently facebook took similar steps to avoid false advertising on its platform.

Source: Google Developer Policy


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