Are Drake and Bella Harris in a Relationship?

It seems drake is back in a relationship but this time it is with a super model. The 31 year old musician and songwriter Bella Harris who is 18 years of age. Reports have it that the two of them have been friends for a while but their romance is quite new.

Harris who had recently just graduated from high school has been seen mostly with drake most especially on his recent tour. Although the duo have refused to speak on what is going on between them but yet again, it’s almost pretty much clear what is happening.

On Saturday August 25, Bella posted two pictures that she had taken with drake and in this picture, they looked so cosy with each other. Under the pictures, she captioned it with a blue heart and with a comment “No place I will rather be”.

Bella asides the fact that she just finished high school, she is already an established model with so many bookings alreaady. Some with clinique, kendall and Kylie, Abercrombie and fitch, Guess, forever 21, miguided as well as drake’s own new line OVO.

Coincidentally, Bella had also modelled for Rihanna’s fashion and beauty line named Fenty. If we could recall vivdly, Rihanna is Drake’s ex girlfriend. Both Rihanna and drake had dated on and off over the past few years before they finally decided to split in October 2016.

Apart from the fact that Bella is already an established model, her family too is quite famous and influential. Bella is the daughter of the music icon, producer and prodigy Jimmy Jam and guess what? She is also Janet Jackson’s God daughter.

The rapper who had recently just released his platinum double album in June is very much single and ready to mingle. Drake is one of Hollywood’s most eligible and handsome bachelor with also a reputation of being notorious and a player. One thing we like about him though, he doesn’t hide his emotions. He always raps about his emotions in his music. But well, who can blame him? The man is hot and has got game, won’t you agree with me?.

His relationship life however has been linked to several beautiful females such as Black chyna, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and so many more. Recently, drake joked about how he needs a girl who hasn’t been slashed by anyone in the industry or anyone famous yet. But could Bella be that girl?

Asides his love life which has always constantly been in the news, Drake recently revealed that he has a son. His son Adonis was gotten from a love relationship which didn’t last and although rumours had been going round for sometime now that Drake had fathered a child, he just recently decided to come out and agree to being the father of the child.
In his album titled scorpion, he rapped about the fact that the reason why he didn’t speak up initially about his son was because he was protecting his son from the world and likewise from harm.

Apparently the child was given birth to in October 2017 by his mama Sophie Brassaux who was alleged to be a former porn star. According to the lyrics of his song in his album scorpion, Adonis was conceived in January 2017 after he and Sophie had gotten together on one of his trips in Amsterdam.

He didn’t mention Sophie’s name however in his song and we believe it is because the duo are not on good terms. When his song was released, he revealed that he had only met young Adonis once and that was during the Christmas period.