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I am Kingsley a 20 something-year-old. I am a Blogger, Webmaster and the founder and Director of Krafty Sprouts (BN: 2362604). A not so tiny digital media firm in the heart of Rivers State, Nigeria.
Qi Wireless Charging

5 Best Phone in 2018

The world never stops moving and you have got to move with it to keep breathing. Are you ready for an upgrade? 2017 though, came with a lot of best android phones and iPhones...
Identity Theft Protection

How to Decide Which Identity Theft Protection is Right for You

With increasing risk to digital identity online, it becomes important to place necessary counter measures. Here, selecting best identity protection service is one up-hill task that may consume a lot of your time &...
Gaming Laptops

Best Gaming Laptops in 2018

Staying at the top of the gaming world to enjoy the best of it demands a regular update on what are the best and latest gadgets to have games played on, but this at...
startup in nigeria

StartUp Ecosystem in Nigeria

Nigeria is аrguаblу the most important tесh ѕtаrtuр есоѕуѕtеm on thе соntіnеnt rіght nоw. This уеаr аlоnе, two of thе wоrld’ѕ bіggеѕt tесh companies, Google аnd Fасеbооk, opened their own hubѕ and lаunсhеd accelerator...
Harley-Davidson Street Bob 2018

The Best Motorcycles We are Dying to Ride in 2018

It may be chilly around you there, but the atmosphere is really hot here, nevertheless getting the best bikes in the garage is never affected by season or anything but a daily lookout on...

2018 Best New Cars Worth Waiting for

I like that sound of “the wait is over”, time to get all the dreams of cruising with the latest cars ranging from Ferrari, Volkswagen T-Roc, Dacia Duster and others glaring with their lights...
Social Media Cameras

Top 5 Blogging And Social Media Cameras With Wi-Fi 2018

Anything can be achieved with the right imagery and whatever does not have the hands of nature in it is dead. Are you a blogger or a social media lover? Let me tell you...
Project Management

9 Best Agile Tools for Project Management

According to a recent study, nearly 46 percent of business owners polled claimed to have problems with meeting the projected deadlines for their projects. Failing to meet deadlines or adequately manage ongoing projects can...

Melanie Trump Aired Her View on the #MeToo Accusation

The first lady of the United States of America Melania Trump inquired proof of the claims the sexual assault victim made but also showed her support.In an exclusive with her on ABC News in...

‘sickening’ Halloween Display of Hanging Black Man Removed- but Owners Insist It Wasn’t ‘racist’.

Some people are oblivious of how far certain jokes should be taken. Outrage at a southern community over an irritating and sickening display, as the homeowners’ actions, are considered racist and bigotry.The strife was...