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Erotica: The Banker

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I watched as her breath escalated, I could feel her trembling. There was no denying how proud a woman she was who wouldn’t beg for anything to save her life, however, a change was bound to happen soon.

She would have to know I’m the best man for her. The only man that could break her. The only man that would make her melt like wax to heat. I quietly want her to dream of me whenever she was in another man’s arms. I vainly wish she would wish every time another man was fucking her that it was me instead. The way I looked at her. The way I kissed her lips and grabbed her ass. She could tell how much I wanted to be inside her.

Minutes later, she moaned. “Lawrence… fuck me.”

I nibbled on her bottom lips. “Beg”

She burrowed her nails like a hungry bear down my ass; my dick rubbed against her harder as I run my fingers on her face. “Please, Lawrence… fuck me.”

I studied the pinkness run through Lola’s pussy as she allowed she went on to the trance of pleasure. Every touch I made sent the places she’s never been before. She was seconds away from climaxing, and we haven’t even started fucking yet.

Her eyes searched for mine, and I could see them beg me to slide my cock into her. I pulled her closer by her hips and slowly trailed my dickhead in first. I rubbed on the entrance of her pussy as if waiting for permission to enter. She pulled on the bed sheet and bit on her lower lip as I pushed farther inside.

I waited a moment to enjoy how she obeyed the command of my penis.

She patched her legs wide open like the miracle of the “Red Sea.” that was my cue.

I rammed without being told, and I felt her juice flowing on the veins of my cock as I felt every part of the walls of her pussy.

I love Lola because of her petite stature. It made turning and controlling her body effortless.

I rammed her even more. Deeper. Harder. And she got juicier and sweeter.

I fucked her with a very simple but efficient rhythm, making sure I was touching the knob inside her.

Her hands strolled to my shoulders, and she held me tightly. As if she was making sure I finished what I started.

I pushed as far as my her pussy would allow me but left a few inches out so that it touches very clit whenever I lifted my hip. Oh heaven!

I could feel light beads of sweat chasing down my chest and my back. She loves it when some drips on her.

Burna boy’s song “on the low” playing in the background was like a pure aphrodisiac. Natural.

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Lola’s pussy was the best I’d ever tasted. So warm, so wet… Fuego!

I pushed her up a bit close to me so I could run my lips on her nipples. I’ve always loved how they stand perky without shame whenever she was horny. She slowly wrapped her legs around me like a pornstar; it’s hard to tell if she’s truly a banker.

Lola knew how to respond to my touched. She knew how to take my dick. She knew how to be pleased.

I heard her moan as I grabbed her by the ass and I thought her moans were the sexiest sounds I’ve ever heard. You deserve an award; I’d teased her once.

She pushed me on the bed and decided it was her turn to take charge like the boss she was.

Bank manager, I cooed.

She slid a pillow under me and tried to push my dick inside her. “your dick is big Lawrence. ”

Yes, baby, I replied. Just how you pussy likes it.

She’d started humping before I could reply. Just seconds away from exploding in her, she moved down and bit me on my chest, sending my load back in. Then she twerked on my cock faster than a grinding machine.

I could feel the spasm all over her and watching her having an orgasm was like watching a sunset.

She moved closer to kiss me so she wouldn’t scream as she let her self go. I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Lola and I both came, and it was the best feeling ever.

We lay there for a while, panting and feeling the sex course through our bodies. Then she giggled. And laughed. And looked at me.

What is it? I asked.

I love your dick, but I have to go to work.

But it’s Saturday, I begged.

I’d be back for more I promise.

But I was hard again before she could even get out of bed.

Then she gave a guess-I’m-gonna-be-late smile.

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