8 Popular Alternatives to Candy Crush Saga


Candy Crush has been popular for a long time since its inception, gathering a lot of downloads, which placed it as one of the biggest franchises in mobile gaming history.

Well, that’s a lot! Since then, they have been numerous identical versions.

However, with this development, there’s a high chance of finding a puzzle game in four out of 10 smartphones; it can be in any form, whether words, images, or maths, as long as it serves the purpose of a puzzle.

Statistics have shown that people love Candy Crush. Still, they get annoyed after a while because of its repetitive style of gameplay, and that gives them a reason not to play anymore and move on to other alternatives.

In this article, we have collected what we feel are the best alternatives to Candy Crush; they are all great and fun in their way and quite similar but independent.

I welcome you to your new addiction!

Best Alternatives to Games like Candy Crush Saga

1. Bejeweled Series


 Bejeweled Series is a fantastic alternative to Candy Crush as it was the most popular tile-matching gem before Candy Crush came to the scene to snatch the winner.

It comes with a screen of an 8×8 grid filled with gems, and then you get to match identical colors while swiping the gems to place them in their desired color partners.

Proper swapping can lead to continuous combos, which in return, will earn you large multipliers.

As a Series, you get to choose from different Series ranging from Bejeweled Blitz, Classic, and Stars.

All are similar but with unique gameplay and features setting them apart.

2. Jewel Mania

jewel mania

Jewel Mania is a puzzle game that is created by Storm8 studio. It features over 600 puzzles which you have to complete to round off the game.

Its gameplay involves the smashing of glasses and a treasure hunt to gather more scores and combos to increase your count.

While creating a combo move, there’s a chance of getting a magic diamond and a rainbow for each score. It’s free to play, and there is support for this game by its developers.

3. Bubble Witch 3

Bubble Witch has been on the scene long before Candy Crush, and as such, we will be picking its latest installment, Bubble Witch 3.

It’s an easy game that gives your time to master its gameplay in a short time.

The game features a magic wand that the user uses to pop magic bubbles. Giving the user the ability to think and calculate the angles used when sinking a tricky shot.

The game presents bright colors and rewards for moves plus awesome combo shots, fairies, and ghosts, which you have to free while playing the game.

There are villains and tons of new worlds to explore as you progress into the game.

4. Jelly Blast

Jelly Blast is a fantastic game that would give you the same gameplay and experience from Candy Crush.

It features unique animals, colorful graphics, and a bunch of puzzles that you need to solve to progress to new levels.

The gameplay is not something out of the box. You get to match different shapes to get boosters that will help you on your journey.

They are also leader boards and levels so that you can compare yourself with friends on a ranking table.

Jelly Blast is a game that is popular among the female folks.

5. Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle and dragon is a game that is similar to Candy Crush Saga, and it’s popular in Japan. Upon its release, it became recognized and famous all over the globe.

Its gameplay comprises similar features as every other match-up game but with a little touch of combat feature.

The combat features mean you can deal with real damage to your opponent each time you create a match.

The more combos you make, the more damage you deal with the enemy.

Also, it features a card-collecting mechanic where you can choose a monster to fight your battles for you.

It’s easy and straightforward to play, and you get catch fun along the way.

6. Tetris

Since you want an alternative to Candy Crush, we went back in time to bring one of the fans’ favorites, Tetris.

While it’s not a match-three game, it is the game that sparked the idea of match-three a long time ago. Its gameplay is simple and easy to learn.

It features different shapes falling from the top of the screen at various speed levels.

While they are landing, you flip them around to form a solid block across the bottom of the screen without creating any hole at the bottom; the blocks disappear entirely from the game, giving you other shapes to fill.

The gameplay is endless and enjoyable. The speed increases as you move to higher levels.

It’s highly addictive and undoubtedly entertaining as it can last hours without end so long you keep breaking the tiles.

7. Indy Cat Match 3

Although it’s not popular like its counterparts on this list, it has become a delight on people’s smartphones.

Its gameplay is not different from the others; you get to match shapes and collect cat relics to complete various levels.

The difference between Indy Cat Match 3 and others is the story that is involved in the gameplay.

It is goofy, and the features are fun and enjoyable; where you can purchase items with the relics and bonuses you have gathered.

8. Frozen Free Fall

Created by Disney based on its original film “Frozen.” It’s a game that is similar to Candy Crush, but this time, you get to go on an epic journey with the characters of the movie (Elsa, Anna, Olaf the snowman, and others).

The game features over a thousand (1000) levels with addictive gameplay and characters to put you back in the movie.

You can unlock characters as you progress into the game and earn rewards that can be used to decorate your plaza.

In Conclusion

We have presented you with the best alternatives to Candy Crush; although most of them are similar, they each have their story to tell, and each has its unique gameplay.

If you know other great games that should be listed here, please leave a comment and share your thought by using the comments section below.

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