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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Your Children

Those wooden baskets that you received as presents every year are not only traditional they are very nice. But, these days, there are several options for fun Easter baskets. How about you have the Easter bunny deliver a do-it-yourself rope basket or even a sophisticated fresh flower basket this easter?

Your kids and teenagers will undoubtedly love this Easter basket idea and will not hesitate to share with their friends and other family members. The ideas below can be filled with your favourite Easter crafts, candies, and of course your painted easter eggs.

1. Fresh flower easter baskets

One of the easiest DIY baskets you can make this easter is the fresh flower basket. It is surprising that this craft is very easy, and will not take you more than 20 minutes to complete. The items required are a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and plenty of patience. To make this basket, get an old basket and simply glue the base of your flowers to the sides of the basket. You can cover the entire body of the basket or just design it however you please.

2. DIY Decoupage Basket

This craft is so easy all you have to do is cut and paste. Pick out paper with beautiful designs or even a magazine, or if you would prefer to use a fabric get one with a beautiful floral design. Pick any bucket that you would like to use then gently brush glue on to the fabric or paper you want to use before replying it around the bucket. Make sure that your DIY project is completely dry before you start feeling it with your Easter goodies.

3. Adult Easter baskets

A lot of us have the mentality that Easter baskets are only for children. However, if you decide to fill a beautiful lace planter with some nice adult goodies such as carrot shaped bath bombs or some pastel nail polishes, you just might be giving someone the best Easter present ever.

4. picket fence easter basket

There is no better way to have fun with your kids during the Easter season than engaging in some DIY projects with them. The fantastic thing about making the picket fence easter basket is that your kids will not only enjoy making these baskets with you they would also have fun shopping for all the candies that they will fill the baskets with. All you need for this project is some popsicle sticks and a glue gun.

5. hand sewn easter basket

Do you have some pieces of fabric lying around your house or do you have some old pieces of cloth that you are considering throwing away? This is the best time to recycle them. This easter baskets made from recycled fabric can pass as one of the most amazing presents you can give to anyone this season.

What you will need for this project is sewing needles old fabric wish you would need for this project are sewing needles, old fabric, and plenty of patience. All you have to do is to cut your Fabrics in too long strips and plates them once that is done you can begin to circle them around there and then hold them in place using your needles. You are bound to impress your family and friends with this DIY project because your crafty skills will become evident.

6. Tutu Easter basket

This is one of the easiest Easter baskets to make, and your kids would enjoy making it because it is colourful and doesn’t require too much time. The supplies you need are a wire basket and a colourful tulle.

7. Mickey and Minnie mouse easter basket

Is that maybe a season for the bunnies but there is no harm in inviting Mickey and Minnie Mouse to your Easter celebration. If your kids are Disney obsessed they would love this DIY Easter basket ideas. For this project, all you need are to baskets and some ribbons.

8. Easter egg bouquet

Some of us want our gifts to be show-stopping and the best way to achieve that this easter is to create your own egg bouquet. All you need to do is get some eggs and fill them with candies or tiny treats then hot glue your eggs to wooden dowels. Once that is done you can assemble all the eggs in your basket to make a bouquet.

9. Bunny Easter basket

This is one of the cutest Easter baskets you can make. I have noticed that bunny Easter baskets are so cute that when you’re done making them, you would not want to give them away. All you need for this project are pipe cleaners to make the bunnies here’s some old baskets and white acrylic paint.

Just glue the pipe cleaners to both sides of the bucket then paint the entire basket white when you are done draw some bunny eyes and a pink nose on your basket. You can decide to make an egg bouquet or fill your bucket with lovely candies, and other Easter treats before you give them to your families and friends.

10. DIY edible Easter egg baskets

This DIY project is the favourite for every kid on the planet, and the reason is that everything in this basket is edible. Instead of going to the market to purchase a basket this tutorial requires you to create your own basket by buying packs of edibles such as skittles and glueing them together to form a four-corner shape. Once you are done glueing all the boxes of snacks together, you can fill the middle with Easter eggs.

11. Toy truck Easter baskets

Who says Christmas is the only holiday that requires you to give toys to your children? if you have a son who would love a toy truck then you could actually make a toy dump truck Easter basket. all you have to do is go to a toy shop and purchase it all you have to do is go to a toy shop and put she’s a toy dump truck then fill it up with things like bubble wand, a ball, a frisbee, and of course plenty of candies.

We hope that you find all these DIY ideas very useful. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have tried any of them or you have other ideas you would like to share with us.

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