Best Lite Apps to Save Space on Your Android and iOS Devices

Lite Apps

Having apps that slow down your devices and fill up memory spaces can be annoying and since most of our devices have limited space.

Having all the latest versions of Facebook, Youtube, Google, Snapchat and Instagram etc. are sure to slow down our 1gb ram devices and also fill up the 8GB or 16GB storage space we are managing and these apps demands usually leads to overheating and slowdowns and sometimes crashes.

These apps also consume loads of data leaving us with huge data bills every month. This has lead to major companies offering a “Lite version” of their apps that provide all the basic functionalities of their platforms without hoarding RAM and draining data and power.

Even Google recognises the need for lite apps and entry level devices that is why they launched the Android Go project. The Android Go is a watered down version of Android 8 Oreo, and it is still efficient as Google has built Go (lite) apps for the OS.

Below is an extensive list of lite apps you can install on your device to free up space and improve performance

Facebook Lite

Facebook is a massive social media platform and no doubt its main app is hefty and consumes lots of data and power. It is only natural that you will dump the app in favour of its lite version that does almost everything except draining your data and battery power of course.

The App is available on the playstore for Android users but iOS users will have to stick with the mobile web version as the lite app for their iPhone devices is still in testing. The Lite app is below 2MB. Try For iOSDownload For Android Here

Facebook Messenger Lite

Where there is Facebook, there is Messenger as both of them usually goes hand in hand. Facebook’s chat tool, Messenger, also consumes loads of data and space hence the need for the Facebook Messenger Lite that only gives you all the essentials you need.

For now, it is only available on Android, and it is a little below 6MB. Download For Android Here

Google Maps Go

Google Maps for Android is one of the culprits that consumes space, data and power since We have come to rely on the app for recommendations and direction. Maps Go, the lightweight version of the Google Map can do all that for less data.

It works on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information.

The app is only available for Android, but iOS users can either use the chrome browser version or go to from any browser. Download For Android Here | Try For iOS

Youtube Go

The miniature version of Google’s Youtube Android app is all you need if all you ever do on the social media platform is see videos. While the app lacks support for comments, it allows you to choose if you will play a video or download it.

Downloaded videos can be shared with friends via Bluetooth. The app is less than 10mb. Download For Android Here

Google Go

For 5MB, you get a lighter and faster version of Chrome browser that saves alot of data. Meant for emerging markets in Asia and Africa, the app offers enough speed to make you stick with it. The inbuilt voice content reader is enough to make the lite app a must-have.

You wouldn’t miss your heavy chrome app if all you do is just browse. If you are outside Africa or Asia, sorry. Download For Android Here

Opera Mini

Opera mini has long been an alternative to Chrome, Firefox and every other heavy browser app you may think off. it offers data saving and speed, offline reading, night mode, and a whole lots of other features to make you abandon your heavy browsers.

You can open 30 tabs, and the app still slays. It also allows video downloading (though not for youtube). Download For iOS | Download For Android Here

UC Mini

Uc Mini, the watered version of UC browser, brings speed and data saving to android. Page loading and downloading are boosted via cloud servers saving you time. There are also functionalities like night mode, ad blocker in the app. Download For Android Here

Gmail Go

Gmail Go is made for the emerging (Indian and Indonesian) markets and offers almost everything the standard Gmail offers like the notification, multiple account support and push notifications while it synchronises fewer days and also reduces data usage. The app is 25MB. Download For Android Here

Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite has a Progressive Web App version of the Twitter platform, and it is available at accessible via Chrome browser.

It also has an app that is designed to load quickly on 2G and 3G and also offers data saving mode, so you download only images and videos you want to see. The app takes less than 3MB of your storage space and uses less phone resources. Download For Android Here

Google Photos

Google Photos offers a Progressive Web App of its main app for Android and iOS users, and that offers them a quick loading version of the service.

It can also be added to the home screen to the Android device, and it offers features like uploading of photos, viewing of shared photos, album creation and most of the things you would do in the full app. Try For Android Here

LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn has long been the social network of recruiters and those hunting for jobs. LinkedIn lite uses just 1mb of your phone and still gives you jobs alert on the go, and works well in 2G while offering almost all the functionalities of the original app. Download For Android Here

PhotoGrid Lite

Photogrid is a popular app that offers awesome image editing features, but its size and data needs are why many persons avoid using it. The lite app brings all the functionalities to your android for less storage space and data need. Best part, you can work offline. Download For Android Here

Camera360 Lite

Camera 360 lite removes all the freezing and lagging that comes with its standard Camera360 app. The app is less than 10MB and still offers most of the features you can find in the standard app. The live filters, vintage colour, foodie, HD Camera etc. are still available. Download For Android Here

Assistant Go

Love Google Assistant but wary of its size? Then the Google Assistant Go is what you need to install. The only features currently unavailable on Google go are reminders, controls for smart home devices, Actions on Google, and Device Actions.

Weather information, answers to questions and every other feature are still available, and it is less than 5mb. Download For Android Here

Yahoo mail Go

Like the Gmail App, Yahoo also launched its own Go version and if you prefer Yahoo Mail over Gmail, download the Yahoomail Go. You still get access to 1000 GB of free secure cloud storage,  and you can set it to only give you notifications from only specific contacts. Download For Android Here

Files Go

File Go by Google helps you manage space by recommending old files for you to delete. It offers you lots of tools to help optimise your storage space like remove duplicate files, erase unused apps, clear your cache and also supports file sharing. Download For Android Here

Gboard Go

Gboard Go is a lesser version of Gboard and offers almost all the standard keyboard functionality in the app. The app uses less than 40MB of RAM space, but the one hand mode, gif and stickers features are nowhere to be found.

It is available for only android 8.1 users, but you can sideload it from APKmirror (click here) or download from playstore. Download For Android Here

Which of this apps are you currently using? Let us know by using the comment box below.

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