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Beyond Pleasure (Part One)

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It was a really tough call for Jenny. It had been a long day and she was exceptionally pissed with her boyfriend Josh. But it was too late for her to go home. She battled with her need to get away from him and her desire to be safe. There had been too many stories of robbery and kidnap in the area lately.

She got up and went outside the house to get some fresh air. That was all she could do to both get away from him and to calm her pulse. He didn’t try to stop her cause he knew it would only make her madder.

He was sorry for what he did. He regretted his actions and wished he could take it all back. It was never his intention to hurt her, but that was exactly what he had done. He hurt her.

Outside, Jenny could clear her head. She was hurt. But more than that, she knew she loved him too much to stay mad at him. But she wasn’t going to let him have it that easy. She would let him make it up to her. And she wasn’t going to make it easy for him. He had hurt her, and she wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easy.

She drew in a steady breath and decided she would settle this tomorrow. But for tonight, she’d just have to make him sleep on the couch.

She walked back into the house, got everything she needed and went straight to the bathroom for a quick shower. Josh was on the bed waiting for her, not saying a word but hoping she had calmed down enough to want to talk. He counted the seconds till she was out from the bathroom and watched her get dressed into his T-shirt and just her panties.

“Damn, she looks so hot”, he thought.

“Babe”, he said out loud, “I’m so sorry about what happened today. I swear I don’t have the words to tell you how sorry I am. There is no excuse for my behaviour, and I wish you’d forgive me”.

He got up and moved close to her. But she moves farther away from him. She didn’t want to talk.

” Please say something. Shout at me, hit me, do something please. Anything”. Josh begged. Even in his sorry state, all he could think about was ripping his cloth off her body. It’s been a while since he felt her supple body and he wanted her bad. He wanted her now!

“You cheated, Josh. I do not want to talk to you”. Jenny said to him, noticing how he was staring at the uncovered part of her body.

” I accept responsibility for my action”, He said. “But I promise, I have never slept with her. I admit I was going to at some point. But it just never happened. And it never will. Please believe me. I know that doesn’t count for shit. I know you feel it doesn’t make a difference since you caught me before I had a chance to sleep with her. But we can work this out. Please”.

He started to kiss her neck, her ears and her face.

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” Get the fuck off me. You’re sleeping on the couch tonight”, Jenny said through gritted teeth, pushing him away from her.

But he didn’t budge. He wanted her. And he was going to have her in every way his imagination will allow. He started to kiss her full on the lips against her frantic but fruitless bid to push him off.

He pushed her on to the bed and got on top of her immediately. His kiss was beginning to arouse her and she didn’t like it. She kept pushing him and when he wouldn’t get off, she bit down on his lips. Hard.

“Fuck! why’d you do that?” He said. His lips throbbing with pain.

“I told you to get off of me. I mean it. Get the fuck off or I’ll hit you where it hurts. I’m not playing with you, boy!” Jenny said.

“Boy? I want you Jenny. And all of this,” he said gesturing at her body, “is mine. And I want what’s mine”.

“I want to run my hand all over your beautiful body. I want to kiss you and make you tingle with pleasure. I will rip that cloth off you and tie you to the bedpost with the shredded pieces. I will do things to your body that will make you scream my name. You will beg me to fuck you. And you will beg me to make you cum”. He told her with a voice that registered his seriousness.

Against her will, she felt a bit of moisture through her panties. There was something about the way he spoke the words. The lust in his voice weakened her bones. She didn’t want this. No, she certainly didn’t. He had to pay for what he did. And she wasn’t going to give her body to him just because he wanted it.

“I will not give you that satisfaction”. Jenny said, holding his gaze.

At her words, he took her hands and held them above her head. He knew she was strong-willed, but he was going to enjoy watching her break. He knew her body more than she knew it herself. He knew every contour, and he knew just what to do to get her to melt beneath him.

“We’ll see”. He whispered into her ear. So softly, so sure. And the calmness of his voice sent shivers down her spine.

He kissed her left ear ever so softly. Nibbling on it, slowly, twirling his tongue around her lobes. Her fighting and squirming only making it more pleasurable for him. He reached for the dresser by the bed, got a blade and tore a little slit at the edge of the t-shirt she had on. He let her hands go free long enough to rip the shirt off her body. She gasped with muffled shock and started to protest when he began binding her hands to the bedpost.

Josh knew she wanted this. He knew it because she wasn’t putting up a real fight. He knew her pride just wouldn’t let her give in to him. He knew she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her. And he was going to make this the best night of her life!.

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